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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ron Ng Turns Down New Series, Tony Hung Does Not Mind Being the Second Choice


Tony Hung, Eliza Sam, Moon Lau, Jinny Ng, etc. will be filming Producer Yip Chan Fai's new series, "Trainee Angel". Tony is being the male lead again. Before, Raymond Wong turned down "Captain of Destiny" due to being unwell and having to go into the hospital; afterward, Tony took over at the last minute. This time, it is also because Ron Ng has to film a Mainland series, leading to a schedule conflict and making him unable to accept the series, that Tony is then taking over this role. When accepting an interview, Tony frankly said that he does not mind being the 'second choice': "Already happy to be able to do it. When it comes, must do it well. There is no effect regardless of how many were courted earlier".

The producer expressed that Tony is playing a registered nurse this time; he is a 'monster instructor' whose personality is the opposite from the usual Tony. Regarding this, Tony frankly said that, for him, it is a very big challenge: "The character is really cool...talks without the ending sound of the last syllable of a word. Also very difficult to do. I also chatted with some seniors. Will also reference Korean films. (The senior is Natalie Tong?) Do not dare to call her a senior, but will also ask her how to do it well".

As for Ron, who is in Mainland filming a series, he frankly said that he has to film for a period of time before returning to Hong Kong. He said, "Actually, it is because I have accepted another Mainland series; there was a schedule conflict, so I cannot make it in time to return to film. (Now, Tony is taking over the role!) Well, the series has to find someone to film it". Allegedly, Ron's contract with TVB is ending soon. Regarding the matter of contract renewal, he frankly said that he has to go back to the company to discuss it later; it is just that he has been busy filming Mainland series that he has not had to the time to go back.

Personal Note: TVB is finally filming another nurse series after "The White Flame", but this one should be able to air on prime time afterward.

*Credits to the-sun

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