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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

《實習天使》 "Trainee Angel" Blessing Ceremony



Date: June 3, 2015

Temporary Chinese title: 《實習天使》
Pinyin title: Sat Jaap Tin Si
Temporary English title: "Trainee Angel"
Producer: Yip Chan Fai

Attending Cast: Tony Hung, Pal Sinn, Eliza Sam, Alice Chan, Moon Lau, Elaine Yiu, Jinny Ng, Mary Hon, Momo Wu, Chung King Fai, Chan Hong Kin, Kevin Tong, Toby Leung, Lena Wong, Tony Chui, Ram Chiang, Jay Fung, Joel Chan, Stephen Ho, Lily Li, Marcus Kwok, Vincent Cheung, Lulu Kai, Mak Ka Lun, and English Tang.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room

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ontv Clip

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- 25 episodes long.
- The series hopes to be more humanistic, focusing on bringing out the relationships among doctors and nurses, and nurses and patients.
- While talking about the student nurses getting through the training process, the series will bring out a healing story.
- The six student nurses (Eliza Sam, Jinny Ng, Moon Lau, Momo Wu, Kevin Tong, and Chan Hong Kin) have a good relationship, but each person has a different shortcoming. During the process, they will learn from one another and support one another. There is more friendly competition between Jinny and Eliza. Jinny is a top student in her class, while Eliza has dreamed of becoming a nurse ever since she was young; thus, they are more knowledgeable.
- Tony Hung will play 「楊Sir」, a very experienced registered nurse who leads a group of student nurses through the training period. He is like a 'monster instructor' who is very harsh toward the student nurses; he does not teach them everything with the utmost care, as he would sometimes let them make mistakes in hopes that they would learn from them. He is very mean and always yells at people. He is really cool, and he talks without the ending sound of the last syllable of a word. In the end, he gets moved by Eliza, as he gets melted by her smile.
- Pal Sinn will play a charming consulting physician. He, Alice Chan, and Elaine Yiu are involved in a love triangle.
- Eliza will play Halley, a student nurse. She has a romantic storyline with Jay Fung and Tony Hung.
- Alice Chan will play Cheuk Chi Kwan (卓芷君), the head nurse of the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department.
- Moon will play a rather tomboyish student nurse. In the end, she becomes enemies with good friend Eliza.
- Elaine will play Sylvia To Sin Fa (杜羨花), a head nurse. She and Joel Chan are a pair, but he quickly dies from an illness. Everyone calls her 「花打」.
- Jinny will play a student nurse. She and Eliza are competitors. She has a romantic storyline with Hugo Wong, but she does not end up with him. Chan Hong Kin admires her.
- Mary Hon will play a consulting physician.
- Momo will play Wong Pui Yi (汪佩儀), a student nurse.
- Chan Hong Kin will play a student nurse.
- Kevin will play a student nurse.
- Toby Leung will play Siu Si Kei (邵絲姬), who is an extremely proper head nurse during the day, but is a party animal at night.
- Lena Wong will play Kam Nga Yan (金雅恩), a medical intern.
- Ram Chiang will play Kei Yan, who likes to study UFOs.
- Jay and Eliza are a couple. He and Moon have a kiss scene.
- Marcus Kwok will play Ching Wang Sing (程宏勝), a registered nurse.
- Candice Chiu will play Fanny.

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "Angel In-the-Making".

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Eliza thought that she would be able to use her English.... :P

An ambiguous relationship between Pal and Elaine?! o_O

*Credits to the-sun, stheadline, eastweek, gztv, mingpao, and Weibo

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  1. seems like elaine isn't the lead...yet again...sighh

    this looks sorta like a cross between hippocratic crush and raising the bar ahahah