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Monday, April 20, 2015

《潮流教主》 "Trendsetter" Costume Fitting



Date: April 20, 2015

Temporary Chinese title: 《潮流教主》
Pinyin title: Chiu Lau Gaau Jue
Temporary English title: "Trendsetter"
Producer: Fong Chun Chiu

Attending Cast: Moses Chan, Sisley Choi, Him Law, Leanne Li, Veronica Shiu, Vivien Yeo, Hanjin, Jacquelin Ch'ng, Whitney Hui, Roxanne Tong, Becky Lee, Eric Li, Tyson Chak, Jennifer Shum, Max Cheung, Penny Chan, Lisa Ch'ng, Hoffman Cheung, Cindy Lee, Kayee Tam, and Brian Chu.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

stheadline Clip



- The theme of this series is on fashion. The background is a trend magazine company.
- Moses Chan will play a 'trendsetter'. He is the chief editor of a magazine company, and is feared by everyone. He does not have a romantic storyline, as it will mainly talk about his mentor-mentee relationship with Sisley Choi.
- Sisley will play a 'Temple Street Fashion Queen' who sells pirated handbags and accessories. She goes from being an ordinary girl to a career woman.
- Him Law will play a dejected male model. He shifts over to work at the fashion magazine established by Moses, and also becomes Moses' disciple. He has a romantic storyline with Sisley, but it will not be written about much; they are more like confidants.
- Ali Lee will play Kei Wan Wan (紀芸芸), the head of the advertisement department of a fashion magazine. She is a career woman. She looks strong on the outside, but is gentle on the inside. She is a socialite. She does not have a romantic storyline.
- Leanne Li will play a career woman, who is also a retired model, with a tough personality. She and Hanjin are a pair.
- Veronica Shiu will play a sassy model.
- Vivien Yeo will play Tsui Yi Sam (徐以芯), a sharp-tongued editor who frequently makes trouble out of nothing in the office. She has a crush on Moses.
- Joel Chan will play Martin Ma Sing Ho (馬承浩), who works in public relations at a magazine company, and is also Moses' strategist. He and Ali have an ambiguous relationship, but the romantic storyline is not too emphasized.
- Jacquelin Ch'ng is in the trend magazine company.
- Whitney Hui will play a gossipy editor at a fashion magazine company.
- Roxanne Tong will play Fong Fong (芳芳).
- Penny Chan will play a trend expert who holds fashion information. He is sociable and is good at picking up women.
- Lisa Ch'ng will play a model. She has a romantic storyline with Eric Li, but is only explained through dialogue.

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "Fashion War".
FYI: Katy Kung and Patrick Tang have pulled out of the series, and have been replaced by Jeannie Chan and Eric Li.

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Personal Note: Moses has noticeably lost some weight.

Doubt that Moses has no love interest in here....

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, stheadline, gztv, 鹿小儀, tvb.com, and 狂愛TVB

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