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Thursday, April 2, 2015

《EU超時任務》 "EU Time Travel Mission" Costume Fitting



Date: April 2, 2015

Temporary Chinese title: 《EU超時任務》
Pinyin title: EU Chiu Si Yam Mo
Temporary English title: "EU Time Travel Mission"
Producer: Lam Chi Wah

Attending Cast: Vincent Wong, Tracy Chu, Zoie Tam, Moon Lau, Pal Sinn, Christine Kuo, Rebecca Zhu, Vincent Lam, Poon Chi Man, Yeung Chiu Hoi, Man Yeung, Sunny Dai, Yu Chi Ming, Hugo Wong, Bob Cheung, Raymond Chiu, Law Lok Lam, Rosanne Lui, Clayton Li, Jack Hui, Ho Chun Hin, Kelvin Yuen, Kenny Chan, James Wong, June Chan, Oscar Li, Kau Cheuk Nang, Chiu Lok Yin, and Lam King Kong.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room

ontv Clip


- 21 episodes long.
- The series is packaged with the Emergency Unit (EU) in which they will encounter many cases. Some of the people can travel through time, and during the time travel, they have to complete some missions. They have to encounter a certain phenomenon in order to go back to the past. Every time they travel through time, they may have to save their own family member, catch a criminal, or find a corrupt cop. Tracy Chu is the first character who is able to travel through time. Some actors are able to travel through time, even having already travelled through time.
- Vincent Wong will play a rich village chief. He commits any imaginable misdeed, so he always gets hit by others. He has a romantic storyline with Tracy and Christine Kuo. Because of the incompatibility in their daily lives, he and Tracy become a bickering pair; however, in the end, they slowly develop feelings. He and Tracy initially hate each other, but like each other in the end. His nickname is 「渠頭」.
- Tracy will play Ling San Fung (凌晨風), an optimistic and outgoing EU who is responsible for the Yuen Long District. She and Benjamin Yuen are both EU Sergeants, and they are also lovers; however, in the end, she discovers that Benjamin loves Zoie Tam the most. She has many action scenes. She is also called 「芬幾粒」.
- Zoie will play a reporter. She is a girl who does things by fair means or foul to achieve her goal, even sacrificing feelings.
- Moon Lau will play a pure model. The money that she makes is not for supporting the family. She is a rich girl in the village. She, Tracy, and Zoie are good friends.
- Christine will play a Central career woman who is always black-faced and yelling at people. She has a romantic storyline with Vincent Wong, but the two have a falling-out in the end. She is an antagonist.
- Rebecca Zhu will guest-star as Pal Sinn's wife. She is a happy and outgoing girl.
- Vincent Lam will play the chairman of the Yuen Long Rural Committee. Moon is the protected and loved younger sister.
- Poon Chi Man will play a Senior Superintendent of Police.
- Yeung Chiu Hoi will play a village person.
- Man Yeung will play a village person.
- Sunny Dai will play a village person.
- Clayton Li will play a homebody.
- Suet Nei will play Vincent Wong's mother who likes to gamble.
- Sam Tsang will play an ICAC investigator. Vincent Wong is his informant, so he is responsible for helping him investigate illegal business dealings.

Blessing Ceremony @ ontv Clip (041615)

Blessing Ceremony @ Ming Pao Clip (041615)

Blessing Ceremony @ GZTV Clip (041715)

Visit @ ontv Clip (042415)

Visit @ Ming Pao Clip (042515)

Visit @ GZTV Clip (042815)

Visit @ ontv Clip (051615)

Visit @ J2 Clip (051715)

Filming Opening @ ontv Clip (061615)

Completion Banquet @ ontv Clip (070115)

Completion Banquet @ J2 Clip (070215)

Completion Banquet @ Ming Pao Clip (070215)

Completion Banquet @ GZTV Clip (070215)

Completion Banquet @ stheadline Clip (070915)

Filming Promotional Clip @ TVBE Clip (030216)

Filming Promotional Clip @ TVB8 Clip

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Over Run Over".

Personal Note: Another time travel series?!

Pal and Rebecca are being husband and wife now?! o_O

*Credits to the-sun, tvb, mingpao, gztv, stheadline, TVBUSAofficial, and 香港無線TVB8

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