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Thursday, April 9, 2015

May Series 《潮流教主》 "Trendsetter" Info


ontv Clip

Temporary Chinese title: 《潮流教主》
Pinyin title: Chiu Lau Gaau Jue
Temporary English title: "Trendsetter"
Producer: Fong Chun Chiu

The background of the series is a trend magazine company.

Him Law, one of the male leads, will play a dejected male model. He shifts over to work at the fashion magazine established by Moses Chan, and also becomes Moses' disciple.

The other male lead, Moses, is the chief editor of a magazine company.

Female lead Sisley Choi will play a 'Temple Street Fashion Queen' who sells pirated handbags and accessories. "Also very happy after looking at the script. From an ugly duckling into a swan. Every girl who looks at the script should think that it is very pretty".

Him frankly said that he knows that he has a romantic storyline with Sisley, but it will not be written about much. Portraying a male model, he frankly said that he does not have to specially get fit: "As long as [I] don't get any fatter, it'll be okay. I am just being a model...do not necessarily have to take off my clothes".

Ali Lee will be the female lead, playing a socialite. "Actually, I didn't know that I was the female lead. Also don't know what the role is".

Veronica Shiu, Whitney Hui, Leanne Li, Vivien Yeo, Jacquelin Ch'ng, Lisa Ch'ng, etc. are also taking part. Those who are models in real life will be portraying models. Although the females do not have to push up their chest to sell their sexiness, they will show their long legs and their figures.

Lisa and Jacquelin will play models, but they will not have many scenes together.

Whitney plays a gossipy editor at a fashion magazine company.

Leanne plays a career woman, who is also a retired model, with a tough personality.

Vivien plays a sharp-tongued editor who frequently makes trouble out of nothing in the office.

Joel Chan works in public relations at a magazine company, and is also Moses' strategist.

In terms of the clothing, the majority is high-end fashion, so the clothing budget is twice as much as the usual series. Many actors will also use their own things.

Personal Note: Not interested in this series at all.

*Credits to the-sun

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