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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Suen Ho Ho Talks About Wayne Lai, Kenneth Ma & Jessica Hsuan


This is a translation of the sections in which former TVB copy editor Suen Ho Ho (whose works include "Virtues of Harmony II", "The Silver Chamber of Sorrows", "Marriage of Inconvenience", "When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West", "You're Hired", "The King of Snooker", "Beauty Knows No Pain", "Sisters of Pearl", "L'Escargot", "The Hippocratic Crush", and "Ghetto Justice II") talked about Wayne Lai, Kenneth Ma, and Jessica Hsuan.

It is known that Wayne Lai has been working in TV for many years, but he never rushed to climb up, thereby turning down evil roles, because of this. He would not request to have his character Wu Chengsi in "The Greatness of a Hero" become likable. Thus, the success that he has gained today is not only well-deserved, but also commands public respect and support.

Remember when preparing for "The Hippocratic Crush", lead Kenneth Ma was still filming "Three Kingdoms RPG"...only able to rest for three or four hours every day...basically half-dead, but needed him to come hear the story. This is the first time working with Kenneth...didn't expect him to be so professional. He does not only listen, but [he] also listens attentively. When discussing certain segments, he would be so touched that [his] eyes would become red and teary...extremely immersed. Thus, 'Yat Kin Tau', which was performed by him, became very popular afterward...it's not that there's no reason for it.

Also worked with Jessica Hsuan once a few years ago. Because the filming was rushed at that time, and the series crew was rushing day and night, she did not have time to look at the later part of the script...was not clear about the the story's development, so specially came and asked for an explanation of the later part of the storyline. After hearing it, she was very nervous because [she] was worried that her previous execution was incorrect. As a TV station's first-line fa dan, but was willing to candidly admit that there was a problem with her execution...a person with such an attitude, there are not that many in the entire TV station...the majority would only blame the script for not being good enough.

Personal Note: Always nice to read what behind-the-scenes people have to say about artistes!

*Credits to wenweipo


  1. Full article:

    孫浩浩: 明星vs演員







     記得在籌備《On Call 36小時》的時候,主角馬國明仍在趕拍《回到三國》,每天只能休息三、四小時,簡直是「魂魄都唔齊」就要他來聽故事。這是第一次跟馬明合作,想不到他如此專業。他不僅是在聽,而且還是用心聆聽,當講述到某些情節時,他甚至感動得雙眼發紅、眼泛淚光,異常投入。所以後來經他演繹出來的「一件頭」大受歡迎,不無原因。



  2. Great respect for Wayne Lai, Kenneth Ma, and Jessica Hsuan! It's always a treat to read what behind-the-scene crew has to say about artistes.


    TVB Queen who wears shades? I can guess which former TVB number 1 sister, who is no longer a "daughter", it is. ;)