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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Louise Lee Talks About Ruco Chan & Ron Ng on "The Green Room"

Derek Li: "In 'Ruse of Engagement', you play Ruco Chan and Ron Ng's mother, right?"

Louise Lee: "Yes. Two handsome guys' mother".

Derek Li: "What do you think of these two handsome guys?"

Louise Lee: "Actually, they both have a different feeling. I think that Ruco is quite good. His look is both good and evil. He can be a villain, but also good as a protagonist. Previously in 'The Other Truth', I also think that his results can be seen. In this series, he also carries a heavy weight. As for the other one [Ron], don't have to say. He is also my neighbour now. Most of the time, he gives others the feeling that he is a sunshine boy and is also a handsome guy".

Derek Li: "He has a lot of paparazzi following him now. Would it...."

Louise Lee: "Doesn't really affect me. Very happy to be with them. We filmed the entire series quite happily. It is very labourious for them. My two sons have to be under the sun and get poured on by the rain every day...also have to fight".

Personal Note: The series is called 《叛逆》 now? Looking forward to it!


  1. Wow they just keep changing name. But I do like Bun Jik rather than Bun Tou sounds better. But I'd rather they call it ATF or even Anti Terrorist Force would sound better!

    Site Note: according to Ruco fans, Si Kei Jeh was his idol since young! If so must be nice to be praised by his own idol XD

  2. Thanks for posting, hyn5! I really appreciate it when you post clips or articles on veterans talking about the younger artistes! I'm also looking forward to this series minus Aimee!

  3. Ruse of Engagement will be warehoused since Ron's fans sent complaints to TVB expressing they disappointment about Ruco being the lead and Ron the supporting actor...I know it is very sad for Ruco's fans. This is the drama that I have been anticipating the most and Big Wheels come next :-(