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Monday, April 9, 2012

Nathan Ngai May Take Part in "The Hippocratic Crush" Sequel


Edmond Hui: "It is said that 'The Hippocratic Crush' is filming a sequel. Do you look forward to having an opportunity to take part?"

Nathan Ngai: "I heard about it, and also heard that I would...."

Natalie Tong: "Come back to life?"

Nathan Ngai: "Also be in it".

Edmond Hui: "Also in it, but a different character?"

Nathan Ngai: "Heard that it is".

Edmond Hui: "Do you look forward to it, since there are many seniors to give to pointers?"

Nathan Ngai: "Certainly super anticipating it because 'Hippocratic' can be considered my representative work. If able to film part two, I would definitely be very happy".

Personal Note: There was most likely a mistake in the TVBE commentary, as Nathan should be younger than 25.... o_O'

Hope that 'Hippocratic II" will be a new story!

He he.... Natalie also took notice of 'Hippocratic'! :)


  1. he certainly doesnt look 25 haha.. thought he was like 22

    1. Nathan should be around that age, as he should be younger than Candy Chang.

    2. Does that mean Nathan is born in the 1990's?

    3. He should be born in the '90s.

    4. He is really young!

  2. yay! think that nathan is pretty good as a newbie... hope some of the other newbies are still gonna be in the sequel since they bring upon some freshness to the screen! but more importantly, wish that maming and tavia can continue with their chemistry onscreen

  3. I sure hope Nathan is in the sequel. I wonder how they will bring him back to life if it's a direct sequel.

    AHH I can't wait to find out the plot.

  4. Nathan should be 22 now, NIFC said he was a horse (chinese zodiac).

    I hope he's in the sequel! I'd rather it be a new plot though, because it would be rather tiring to have a character that looks exactly like 一康...

    1. Is Nathan born on April 3, 1990 then? He IS young!

    2. Also saw that Nathan's an Aries and a horse, so that should be his birth date.

  5. I can't wait to hear more about "On Call 2"! I would want it to be a new plot too! I want to see MM and Tavia pair again!