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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bernice Liu: Kiss Scenes Are Extremely Difficult to Film


Personal Note: Extremely funny clip!!! The way that Bernice was explaining how she and Ma Ming had to kiss in the series is super funny. "Wait, wait my nose!" "I can't breathe!" Ha ha....

The kiss scene that Bernice was explaining reminds me of the kiss scene Flora Chan and Michael Tao filmed in "The File of Justice V". The crew made fun of Flora because it seemed as though she was squeezing orange juice. Ha ha.... Super funny! She mentioned it when she went on "Behind the Fame" hosted by Lydia Shum in 2002. The clips are below! The kiss scene is mentioned in part 2. Ha ha....

"Behind the Fame" Part 1 (Gallen Lo, Flora Chan & Ada Choi)

"Behind the Fame" Part 2 (Gallen Lo, Flora Chan & Ada Choi)

This episode was the final episode. I can't think of any other TVB artistes more suitable to be on the final episode than Gallen, Flora, and Ada. Super funny! Catch Bobby Au Yeung, Moses Chan, and Deric Wan on video talking about the three guests!

*Credits to tvb.com


  1. whoa..! i think i remember watching that... but i was a bobby lover back then... hahaha!!! was there an episode about bobby..?

  2. To mare:

    Yes, Bobby was on with Jessica and Mariane
    Super funny! Ha ha... :D

  3. watched the moses part in "behind the fame"..! he was so cute!!! now it makes me want a mo, flora, and ada series... hahaha... ^o^

  4. Me, too! Ha ha...

    Also, Moses was wearing his costume from "Better Halves". :D

  5. haha... totally noticed that too... i also really like his character in BH... he was tough and all, but also had a lot of cute moments...

  6. LOL. That was hilarious! Bernice is funny. HAHA.

    Thanks for sharing!

    .. and the "Behind the Fame" clips too.