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Monday, December 24, 2007

《律政新人王II》 Survivor's Law II

辛萬軍 (馬國明飾) Kenneth Ma as Sun Man Kwan (MK)
孫俐俐 (官恩娜飾) Ella Koon as Suen Lei Lei (Lily)
卓偉名 (陳鍵鋒飾) Sammul Chan as Cheuk Wai Ming (Vincent)
崔正平 (李子雄飾) Waise Lee as Tsui Ching Ping (Brandon)
錢韶涵 (陳秀珠飾) Rebecca Chan as Chin Siu Haam (Brenda)
鄭彩玉 (李詩韻飾) Selena Li as Cheng Choi Yuk
辛萬金 (陳國邦飾) Power Chan as Sun Man Kam
孫伯滔 (郭 鋒飾) Kwok Fung as Suen Bak Tao
范振庭 (敖嘉年飾) Ngo Ka Nin as Fan Chan Ting


*Courtesy of tvb.com and lovella.org

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