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Monday, December 10, 2007

Kenneth Ma @ "Survivor's Law II" Filming

These pictures were taken from May to September 2007. Since the series will be airing in HK on Christmas Eve (Monday, December 24), I find it appropriate to promote it right now.

Here's the theme song of "Survivor's Law II". Who else to sing the theme but the main, Kenneth Ma, himself!
The song is very good. Some Kenneth fans couldn't tell recognize his voice, but that is Ma Ming singing. This is the first time I actually heard him sing in his own voice and not imitating Ekin Cheng, Leslie Cheung, Leon Lai, or Aaron Kwok. In the song, Kenneth sings with a lot of emotion. He is very good!

*Credits from waiseleeblog, rebeccachanblog, ellakoonblog, and logwoonfungblog

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