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Friday, February 8, 2019

Selena Lee Nominated for 'Best Supporting Actress' at the '2019 Canadian Screen Awards'


Instagram Clip

The year before, TVB fa dan Selena Lee won 'Best Actress' at the 'European Cinematography Awards' and the 'Los Angeles Film Awards' for the American short film "Once More", becoming a double film queen. Afterward, she filmed the third season of the series "Blood and Water". Recently, Selena was notified of her 'Supporting Actress' award nomination at the '2019 Canadian Screen Awards' for the series.

Regarding being nominated for 'Supporting Actress' for her performance in the Canadian series "Blood and Water", Selena feels excited and feels that it is the new year's big, happy news. She expressed, "Very happy because this is Canada's biggest awards ceremony. Also very excited and happy to be able to be one of the five nominees. The team also feels that it is very rare for me to be nominated for my first time filming a Canadian series. Everyone is also happy for me. Also hope to attend this then". When asked whether she was confident in winning the award, Selena laughingly said, "Really don't know the chances of winning the award because [I] have not watched the other projects. Heard that no Chinese person has won this award yet; hope to be able to break through this and win honour for Chinese and Hong Kong actors. Certainly already very happy to have been nominated because [I] learned a lot of things during the filming experience; it was a rare experience in my life".

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