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Friday, February 1, 2019

Has Seen Carina Zhang! Ron Ng Waiting to Be a Page Boy When Raymond Lam Gets Married




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Artistes Bosco Wong and Ron Ng attended the completion banquet of Shaw Brothers' web drama, "Flying Tiger". Bosco, who has a foot injury, was still walking with a cane. He revealed that there was still a day of shooting a big scene. Although there will be a body double substituting then, he also has to be present: "Actually, pretending to fight and run while sitting in a wheelchair is also a test of acting skills. (Do you want to film a third installment?) Have to follow Michael Miu's lead!" Ron, who was beside him, expressed that everything depended on Michael's decision, and said that [he] was certainly happy to film while playing. However, if there is a third installment, would be best to not film in the summer.

It has been said that the two's friend, Raymond Lam, announced happy news to his good friends at a gathering; is Raymond getting married? Ron, who was present that day, said, "He did not say it to me. That day was to congratulate Oscar Leung on receiving an award. Raymond did not talk about marriage matters, unless he has kept it very hidden and did not say it to us. (Will be a groomsman when he gets married in the future?) I want to be a page boy. (Raymond and his girlfriend are in a stable relationship?) Don't know. Let them develop these themselves. He hasn't really talked about it, but [I] have seen his girlfriend". Ron said that, on the first day of the New Year, he and Elaine Yiu will be flying to Canada to do a stage performance. When asked whether he would be singing his classic song, 《別怪她》, he laughingly said, "Will only be practicing once [I] am on the plane. Have not decided on which songs [I] will be singing. Should be singing New Year songs".

As for Bosco, he expressed that, if Raymond gets married one day, he wants to be the wedding car. When asked whether he would travelling to another country on Lunar New Year, he said, "Made an appointment with a physical therapist. Did you think I would be playing basketball and soccer in this condition?!"

*Credits to on.cc, rononline, 丨勥, mingpao, moreforms, and gztv

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