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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Celebrating Birthday with an Expressionless Face, Jessica Hsuan Says That She Is Giving This Thing to Louis Koo...


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Artistes Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan both attended an event. When it was mentioned that the 21st is Louis' birthday, he revealed that, on the day of his birthday, he would definitely be having dinner and cutting cake to celebrate with his family at home, and he laughingly said, "Would cut cake every year, and then take an expressionless family photo...has been like this since being handheld when I was young to now. Would automatically be expressionless once we take our positions". After saying this, he immediately laughed himself to tears. He continued, "My mom would cook the foods that I like every year. Want it to be auspicious for birthdays, so [she] would make black moss and dried oysters and poached chicken. (New Year's dishes?) Yes. Would celebrate it like New Year's. Isn't it funny? (What birthday wishes do you have?) Must be in good health in order to sit together and take an expressionless photo. Got used to it after taking it for so many years...have been taking it since using film to now. Did put the photos in a photo album...some even turned yellow. (Passing it down from generation to generation?) Like the Addams family".

Had Hot Pot Alone

Louis expressed that he would be celebrating with his friends before and after his birthday, but Jessica expressed that she would not be in Hong Kong during that time, so she would not be able to celebrate his birthday with him: "I am going on a vacation. It's like that when you are so late in asking". She said that she gave Louis a gift last year, and even asked Louis if he remembered. Louis laughingly said, "If I had to remember everyone's gift, wouldn't I be very busy? However, I remember you giving me a stove...very pretty. I used it once...had hot pot alone because, that time, [I] treated everyone after filming, and there were a lot of leftovers. I packed it home and had hot pot". Jessica immediately laughingly said that she would give Louis a pot this year: "Give an expressionless pot to you, and stick your face on it".

Happy to See Newcomers Joining the Industry

In addition, regarding the government allocating one billion to the film industry, Louis said that, in recent years, the film industry has had the addition of newcomers joining the industry, whether they are in front of camera or behind the scenes: "Especially behind the scenes, such as for lighting, which is so labourious, but there are also girls joining the industry. Actually, many people want to take part, but there is no way of doing it. It is a good thing that the government is willing to provide financial aid and encouragement. Step by step, and have more training courses".

*Credits to on.cc, mingpao, bastillepost, am730, moreforms, Yes娛樂, youku, yulexingtiandi, and cntv

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