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Friday, September 21, 2018

《黃金有罪》 "Golden Crime" Costume Fitting



Date: September 21, 2018

Temporary Chinese title: 《黃金有罪》
Pinyin title: Wong Gam Yau Jui
Temporary English title: "Golden Crime"
Producer: Amy Wong

Attending Cast: Edwin Siu, Elaine Yiu, Ben Wong, Tony Hung, Matthew Ho, Ho Yuen Tung, John Chiang, Hugo Ng, Gilbert Lam, Sam Tsang, Carisa Yan, Lily Leung, Max Cheung, Becky Lee, Candy Man, Chun Wong, Li Fung, Angelina Lo, Fung So Bor, Eddie Pang, Joseph Yeung, Derek Wong, Jim Tang, Lisa Lau, Glen Lee, Ku Ming Wah, Henry Lo, Andy Siu, Lisa Ch'ng, Evonne Ho, Nicole Wan, Momo Wu, Lena Li, Alan Tam, Sophie Yip, and Erica Chan.

Time: 13:00
Place: Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate 77 Chun Choi Street TVB City Studio One Common Room


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- The story takes place from 1977 to 1987. There will be location filming in Hong Kong and Thailand.
- The story is about Elaine Yiu and Edwin Siu going to work at Eddie Cheung's stocks company one after the other. Because of this, Elaine falls in love with Eddie Cheung, creating a love triangle.
- Eddie Cheung will play Wing Muk Tung (榮木桐), a successful businessman. He is an outsider who goes to Hong Kong. He goes from a flat ground to becoming an extremely rich person, which involves how Ben Wong is found as a stepping stone in the middle. He, Edwin, and Elaine work together to make money. He is both good and evil. He is loyal in love. He ends up liking Elaine.
- Edwin will play Chin Chun (錢進). He, his younger brother, Matthew Ho, and his father, Chun Wong, rent out a room to Candy Man and her daughters, Elaine and Jeannie Chan. He and Elaine are a couple. In the latter part, he becomes more mature, as he is able to make money with his mentor, Eddie Cheung, but he later discovers that his success was attained through dirty method; will he expose him or not?
- Elaine will play Sui Man Ching (水敏晶), who works at a call station. She is rather silly and pure, and she has her principles. She wants to become an accountant but is unsuccessful; however, she ends up meeting her boss, Eddie Cheung. Her family is originally quite rich, but her father runs away after falling into debt, leaving behind her, her mother, and her younger sister. Afterward, she stays at Edwin's house; his household also has three men. Because of this, Edwin ends up liking her. Her storyline with Edwin is more lighthearted and funny. She admires Eddie Cheung, as he has a successful career and is faithful in love. She slowly develops feelings for Eddie Cheung, while Edwin has a one-sided love her for. She has three different looks; as the story progresses, she becomes more mature.
- Ben will play the deputy director of an enterprise. He and his elder brother are fighting to become the director. His rich mother, Lily Leung, favours her sons; regardless of how naughty they are, she would tolerate them and give them money to spend. He is a rich second generation with a low EQ. His moods fluctuate a lot, and he loses his temper easily.
- Tony Hung will play a gangster who is rather arrogant. He is an agent at a stocks company. When he comes into contact with the stock market, he becomes addicted to it; in between, he loses his family. He has a romantic storyline with Jeannie; they are a bickering pair, and there are many intense scenes.
- Jeannie takes part in Miss Hong Kong to rub shoulders with the wealthy.
- Matthew will play a cop. He is Edwin's younger brother.
- Ho Yuen Tung will play the son of a grocer. His mother wants him to take a wife. His friends, Edwin and Tony, take him to night clubs to meet girls. He has a girlfriend.
- John Chiang will guest-star as Eddie Cheung's father. In Thailand, he is the poor owner of small coffer shop. He is controlled by Hugo, as he commits crimes for him, but he is a good person. He has been deceived by Hugo for many years.
- Hugo will guest-star as a rich Thai gang leader who frequently harms Eddie Cheung and his father, John.
- Yoyo Chen will play Ben's wife.
- Amy Fan will play Sam Tsang's wife.
- Carisa Yan will play Tong Ho Yi (唐昊兒), who is open-minded on the surface but is wicked and crafty on the inside. Sam is her eldest brother, while Ben is her elder brother.
- Lily will play a patriarchal mother.
- Max Cheung will play a cop.
- Eddie Pang will play a Thai drug trafficker.
- Derek Wong will play Kwong Kwong Yueun (鄺廣源), an employee at Ben's company. He is initially good, but later, because Eddie Cheung joins the company, he starts to get jealous and becomes evil. Due to being jealous of Eddie Cheung, he comes up with many ways to harm him. He is a villain.
- Ku Ming Wah will play a cop.
- Andy Siu will play a cop.
- Lisa Ch'ng will play Ada Lam Ling Ling (林玲玲).
- Evonne Ho will play a cop.
- Nicole Wan will play a dancing girl at a night club.
- Momo Wu will play a dancing girl at a night club.
- Lena Li will play a dancing girl at a night club.
- Alan Tam will play a cop.
- Erica Chan will play a dancing girl at a night club.
- Otto Chan will play 「馬騮」.
- Keith Mok will play So Kam Ho (蘇金河).

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip (110818)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (112118)

Personal Note: Horrendous wigs making another comeback.... o_O'

Nice to see Elaine get a chance to finally play the female lead again.

*Credits to 黃智賢吧, 融家小狐, on.cc, mingpao, moreforms, Yes娛樂, youku, gztv, and stheadline

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