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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Using a VIP Card to Propose? Jessica Hsuan Rushes Kenneth Ma to Get Married and Have a Baby



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Artistes Jessica Hsuan and Kenneth Ma went to Central to attend a beauty centre event. On stage, Jessica received a permanent VIP card. MC Luk Ho Ming said that Kenneth's VIP is quite special, as his family members can use it, but 'BB' (girlfriend Jacqueline Wong) has not become his family member yet. Jessica immediately asked who 'BB' was. Luk Ho Ming said the name: "Jacqueline. The surname is Wong". Kenneth playfully said, "Then I'll use it for a proposal".

After the event, the two accepted an interview. Jessica denied not knowing whom Jacqueline was: "I know. Talked as though wedding bells are near, so [I] wanted to get updated". She also suggested that Kenneth have a baby as soon as possible so that there is energy to play with the baby, and she also asked Kenneth whether he had marriage plans, which frightened Kenneth to say, "No, no, no. Don't write it to this point so quickly...." Jessica also asked how long the two have been dating. Kenneth awkwardly said, "Not that long. Getting to know [one another]". Regarding Jacqueline entering her thirties soon, Jessica said in bewilderment: "Thirty only? Actually, this (marriage) has no age limit. I am an example".

Wants to Collaborate as an Unconventional Couple

Kenneth was evidently nervous today. He frankly said that Jessica is one of his goddesses: "Beside her, I am more restrained. Did not sweet-talk as much". Jessica praised him as giving people the feeling of resembling Gallen Lo, with the both of them being shy and silly: "May not be really sharp initially, but slowly oozes out his ability the more he works. Also good at acting!" The two are the netizens' choice for TV king and TV queen, but they have actually only been in the same series and have not officially had partnering scenes. The two also hope to have an opportunity to collaborate. Jessica humourously said, "But may not be able to be a couple! I have to do a lot of treatments, since it would be an older woman and a younger man romance! Or perhaps like Mr. and Mrs. Smith with fighting. Can also be an unconventional couple. All in all, have not collaborated before, so there would be new sparks!" Kenneth also expressed wanting to collaborate, and said that that the two's appearances and heights match".

*Credits to Lazybugxx, 唐挂挂_WISH, 小萱子_OO, on.cc, mingpao, appledaily, eastweek, bastillepost, moreforms, Yes娛樂, tudou, pearvideo, and gztv

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