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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Jessica Hsuan's Pearl Necklace Captivates Louis Koo's Gaze


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Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Ali Lee, Lin Xia Wei, Eileen Tung, Ankie Beilke, Lily Li, et al. attended the 'MIKIMOTO 125th Anniversary High Jewellery Exhibition' event. Buddies Louis and Jessica immediately took jabs at each other upon seeing one another. Seeing that Jessica had a large necklace in front of her chest, Louis initially made flattering remarks, praising the necklace as being 'big and pretty', and also did not forget to praise Jessica as being thin and pretty, which made her happy; however, before long, he said that he has been ordered to look at Jessica's chest this time because the target (necklace) is too big, which put Jessica in between laughter and tears, laughingly saying that she received Louis' praise in the past, but his tone was as fake as now.

Jessica wore a pearl necklace from the brand's 'Praise to Nature' high jewellery collection, which was worth $8 million HKD. Louis immediately swallowed but was teased by Jessica, "These are very little for you. Consider that you dropped it! I want Louis to give me the pin that he is wearing. Also happy with gravel. It's the thought that counts".

'Best Actor' Tells Partner to Teach About Acting

When it was mentioned that the two would be filming a movie, Jessica expressed that she would be joining the team after she returns to Hong Kong from her vacation. Would she be nervous collaborating with Louis, who has become a 'Best Actor'? She said, "Not caring about him! Have known [him] for so many years. Will tell him to teach me about acting then. His movie experience is more than mine. I have filmed more television. Luckily, there are no rough scenes this time because I am scared of getting injured. While filming a dangerous acting scene in Mainland, I would be holding a horse, rabbit, and tiger jade pendant in my hand. This year, my sign conflicts with the Tai Sui of the year. Have greater peace of mind wearing it".

Regarding Louis being reported as having a new sweetheart, he answered as always, "Not the truth, so not responding. I also want to know when I'll have one". After hearing this, Jessica immediately teased him, "This is not a new sweetheart but a former love". Louis said helplessly, "Not going to bother with you!"

*Credits to on.cc, appledaily, bastillepost, am730, moreforms, Yes娛樂, and tudou

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