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List updated on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Kenneth Ma Secretly Kisses Godsister Natalie Tong While Jacqueline Wong Travels Abroad


ontv Clip

Artistes Kenneth Ma and Roger Kwok were doing location filming for the TVB series "Big White Duel". The two were wearing a suit and a leather jacket in the hot weather.

Kenneth revealed that he has been filming scenes in the operating room, frankly saying that he finds it complicated and that he will be going to Shenzhen to do location filming in mid-May. He even revealed that he filmed a kiss scene with godsister Natatie Tong, who portrays his girlfriend in the series, earlier. He was immediately laughed at for taking the opportunity to film intimate scenes while real-life girlfriend Jacqueline Wong went on a vacation. He said, "It was not scheduled by me. (Notified Jacqueline?) Don't have to explain to her about work!" Kenneth said that, although Natalie is his godsister, there was no awkwardness while filming, and even said that the two have collaborated many times and that this was the second time kissing her! Regarding Jacqueline posting a back view photo of her wearing a bikini on her social media, Kenneth said, "Did not see it! (Sent you a front view photo?) Don't know! Have to look at my cell phone. Have been filming, so have not had free time!"

Roger is collaborating with Kenneth after many years; he highly praised him as becoming mature. When asked whether he had little time to accompany his kids because he has been filming a series, he revealed that his kids had gone to Mainland to visit him on set before: "While filming 'Another Era' previously, they did go to Mainland to visit the set. My son praised the lunch box on location as being delicious, while my daughter praised my look for the series as being handsome!" He even revealed that, for the summer holidays, he and his wife, Cindy Au, will be taking the kids on a vacation.

*Credits to on.cc

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