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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Making Money from a Grassroots Character! Kenneth Ma: 'Not Yet Enough to Buy a Taxi'



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Artiste Kenneth Ma went to Mong Kok to attend an event to promote the use of electronic payment for transportation. He, who became a cool taxi driver to shoot the commercial, accepted this job due to the popularity of "The Exorcist's Meter". Kenneth laughingly said, "Taxi drivers also have to advance with the times. Back then, I also paid in cash. Sometimes only had a $1,000 bill, which was quite awkward, so using a credit card to pay is also very convenient. Mainland has also been using electronic payment for a long time! (Usually use a credit card?) Basically. Such as going to a parking lot".

Accepted many jobs due to the taxi driver role? Kenneth said, "Temporarily just a commercial. Would not have guessed that such a grassroots character would also be able to help me get a job. It is usually the cool doctor and lawyer type of roles in advertisements. Would not have guessed that a taxi driver would also be able to do so. (Made a lot?) Did not calculate it. Not yet enough to buy a taxi. A taxi licence is very expensive now!" Kenneth also said that the sequel of "Exorcist's" is still being conceptualized: "The producer and the scriptwriter are still conceptualizing. Since the feedback for the first installment was very good, do not want to carelessly make a second installment".

*Credits to on.cc, 毛毛蟲, TVBUSAofficial, mingpao, appledaily, stheadline, bastillepost, moreforms, tudou, gztv, and visahk

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