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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Bosco Wong and Ron Ng Regain Brotherhood from Filming Web Drama


ontv Clip

Bosco Wong and Ron Ng are handsome actors from the same time frame, but the two actually have not collaborated much. Since filming a series in 2003, there has been at least 14 years that they have not had an opportunity to encounter each other. It was not until leaving TVB that they portrayed brothers in a web drama. Ron laughingly said that he took this rare opportunity to use the four months of filming the web drama to finally make up for the many lost years of his relationship with Bosco!

After leaving TVB one after the other, they reunited in Shaw Brothers' web drama, "Flying Tiger", last year, portraying brothers who share the same father but different mothers; there were many partnering scenes. Regarding bringing about this time's collaboration, apart from Shaw Brothers executive Virginia Lok, the two also laughingly said that senior Michael Miu was appealing. Ron laughingly said, "Tell Michael to charge less! He is too expensive...almost the entire series' budget. For every explosion, the director shook his head, saying that they have gone over budget again! (Want to meet the Hong Kong viewers again?) Also want this series to have an opportunity to broadcast on TVB. If they do not broadcast it, may not be able to make up for Michael's pay".

No More Friends

Regarding Bosco doing well in Mainland, he laughingly said, "Still cannot compare to Michael! We just came to accommodate him! (Very different from Mainland filming?) There are differences in terms of lifestyle, filming, and culture. There are also pros to filming in Mainland. Because [you] are filming in other places for a long period of time, would concentrate more when filming because [you] have no more friends...just go back to the room to look at the script after completing filming".

Eating Together, Good Relationship

Looking back at the project in which the two actually had partnering scenes, it is already 2003's "Find the Light". Ron laughingly said that, when the two were in TVB, they always missed each other: "Since debuting until now, our relationship had been lacking. Filming this series for three or four months gained it all back; thus, when working, our relationship was particularly good. While eating together, thought about when we just started filming series back then. Really different from now. The ability to comprehend and the performance reaction have really grown up". Many netizens frequently collectively hope to gather all the 'Olympic Six Stars' for another collaboration. Ron laughingly said, "I think I had a part in doing something. One time, I saw fans put our pictures together. Seeing the picture, I also had to make a comment out of personal feeling, so I made a post saying that I hope to film a project together one day. Actually, it's almost impossible to film together...perhaps film our own and then group together again!"

*Credits to on.cc

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