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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

September Series 《是咁的,法官閣下》 "It's Like This, Your Honour" Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《是咁的,法官閣下》
Pinyin title: Si Gam Dik Faat Goon Gok Ha
Temporary English title: "It's Like This, Your Honour"
Producer: Andy Chan

- Filming commences in September.
- The series is a lighthearted legal series that is more down-to-earth. The cases are not too heavy and will be closer to reality, having an inspirational message.
- Grace Wong is the first female lead. Louisa Mak is portraying a young lawyer; the role is tailor-made for her. This series has experienced actors carrying new siu sangs and fa dans, with Ben Wong and Eddie Kwan taking on this responsibility.
- The series is mainly separated into two main lines. One is the two barristers Ben and Eddie, while Grace is a news anchor; the three have a complicated relationship. The other main line is a group of new lawyers, including Louisa, Hugo Wong, Nathan Ngai, Oscar Leung, Jonathan Wong, etc. They are newly licensed. Is becoming a lawyer as glorious as imagined by the outside world? The difficulties and the miserable situations that they encounter will also be disclosed.
- The lawyers in the series will handle different cases. The cases will be adapted from real cases. Because the court scenes are taking up a important portion, there are also many actors portraying judges. Andy Chan said, "There is no way that all of the cases are handled by the same judge. We will choose suitable actors for different cases. The judge that Stephanie Che is portraying will have a lot of screen time. There are actually a lot of interesting places in the interaction between lawyers and judges".
- Grace: "This time, my role is a news anchor...is a Mainland girl who also went to a foreign place to study. Rather independent, and the entire world revolves around her. Is not really a vain girl or a gold digger, but is extremely independent and clever. Have a triangular relationship with Ben and Eddie. I am being Ben's wife, but [I] am always with Eddie; it is a rather funny triangular relationship".
- Louisa is portraying a lawyer, which is an area that she is familiar with. The copy editor is arranging the character design according to every actor's characteristics.
- Louisa: "I realized that the script is bringing out the story of Hong Kong's struggles...will bring out issues that people are concerned about".

Personal Note: The setup is similar to "Raising the Bar", especially with Ben as a lawyer again and leading the newbies....

Grace is finally the first female lead; too bad she is not playing a lawyer in a legal series....

Oscar still playing rookie roles.... o_O

*Credits to mingpao and hk01

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