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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Scriptwriter Ella Chan Courting Sheren Tang and Francis Ng for New TVB Series


Scriptwriter Ella Chan, whose works include "Blood of Good and Evil", "Fate of the Clairvoyant, "Return of the Cuckoo", "A Kindred Spirit", "Healing Hands II", "The Threat of Love", "The Threat of Love II", etc. will be returning to Hong Kong in October to begin pre-production on a TVB series that is expected to start filming next year.

Ella Chan: "The new series' theme is the multifunctional wife. The females nowadays feel that they are multifunctional wives. Due to the environment and the lack of economic qualifications, when a man is poor, he needs a multifunctional wife. However, when he has money, he wants more than one functional wife, which is four or five different types of wives".

Ella Chan: "If [Sheren Tang] is willing to star, the script will be tailor-made for her. If Sheren is the female lead, the best to complete the set is certainly Francis Ng; however, every role will only be confirmed after I return to TVB in October. Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, and Miriam Yeung are also suitable people".

When Sheren was asked whether she had already reserved her schedule, she said, "Have to match up in many ways. Now, still waiting to look at her script. (Do you know that you are playing a multifunctional wife?) I only know about it now that you have told me. She did not say it to me. I think that the theme is quite interesting. After filming 'The Family Link' with fraternal twins for two months back then, [I] hope that that type of labouriousness does not happen to me".

For Sheren to return to TVB, she only has one hope: "[I] will return to TVB on the condition that [I] am able to sleep". Sheren hopes to maintain 12 to 13 hours of work time, along with makeup, each day: "Not worried about not having a script when filming Ella's series because she does not sleep. Actually, the issue of filming with on-the-spot scripts definitely has an impact on the quality of series. I hope that this mechanical problem is not changed for Sheren Tang but for Hong Kong series. I actually have not forgotten about Hong Kong series; as long as all the conditions match up, would film immediately!"

*Credits to mingpao

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