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Monday, May 23, 2016

Kenneth Ma Finally Gets to Kiss Charmaine Sheh


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Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, Priscilla Wong, Pakho Chau, Raymond Wong, Jinny Ng, etc. went to Kowloon Bay to attend the advance screening of myTV SUPER's first web movie, "A Time of Love 2".

Charmaine appeared in a strapless short dress. Regarding "Love 2" being the first of myTV SUPER, she expressed not knowing, but hoped that there would be good ratings because the filming process was quite labourious: "Filming in Germany for a week was quite labourious. Filmed after getting off the plane without caring about jet lag. Although it was labourious, it was also very worth it because it was filmed very prettily. The only disappointment was not being able to go to a castle to film". Charmaine expressed that, if the ratings are good, she would collaborate with TVB again. Charmaine expressed that she had to speak German in the [movie], but she has not spoken it for many years, so it is a bit rusty; when filming, there was also an expert guiding her.

Charmaine Sheh Spending 41st Birthday Working

This time, Charmaine and Kenneth are reuniting, but the two continue to not have kiss scenes. Regarding this, Charmaine laughingly said, "I did not specially request it; the plot did not require it". Charmaine, who has been filming "Casino Heroes" in Mainland, expressed that, regarding collaborating with senior Patrick Tse, filming is very smooth. Apart from treating them to dinner, when he knew that she and Kenneth had to rush to return to Hong Kong to attend the advance screening, because he was afraid of it being toilsome for them, he did his best to rush the filming for their scenes. "Love 2" will be airing on the 28th; on that day, it is also Charmaine's 41st birthday. Charmaine expressed that she should be working on that day; she hopes that there is time to eat dinner after getting off work.

Regarding not having kiss scenes in the two times of collaborating with Charmaine, Kenneth laughingly said, "Now filming 'Casino Heroes' with her...finally get to kiss. Not the intense kind; it is very sweet". Regarding "Love 2" becoming myTV SUPER's first programme, Kenneth expressed not knowing: "See the company's arrangement. As for myself, do not differentiate where the programme airs. It does not matter. (Would you feel pressured having to take the lead?) No pressure. Okay as long as there is Charmaine. I am also learning from Charmaine".

Kenneth Ma Says That He Is Not Familiar with Tony Hung

Regarding it being recently rumoured that Tony Hung has proposed to Natalie Tong, Kenneth, who is Natalie's godbrother, said that he really does not know: "Natalie did not say anything to me. Perhaps deciding before telling us to save up for the wedding gift. In addition, I have not been in Hong Kong recently. (What if Natalie were to ask for your opinion?) Do not have much of an opinion. The most important is that she likes [him], and feels that the guy can be trusted and is able to entrust her life. (Can Tony be trusted?) I am not familiar with Tony, but believe in Natalie's taste".

Apart from taking part in filming, the song Pakho sings, "A Hundred Years", is also the movie's theme song. He said that going to Taiwan to film was very strenuous, having only slept for two or three hours for ten consecutive days, but filmed very happily, so he is also greatly anticipating it. Pakho also said that he does not have kiss scenes with Priscilla in the [movie]; it was also unexpected for him.

[myTV SUPER獨家優先點播] 愛情來的時候2 德國篇

[myTV SUPER獨家優先點播] 愛情來的時候2 台灣篇

TVB Anywhere 獨家獻映《愛情來的時候2》

東張西望 愛情來的時候2德國篇

[myTV SUPER獨家優先點播] 愛情來的時候2 德國篇 幕後特輯

[myTV SUPER一個月免費體驗] 愛情來的時候2 德國篇

[myTV SUPER免費試用一個月] 愛情來的時候2

愛情來的時候2 之 佘詩曼的愛情Package

愛情來的時候2 之 馬國明的愛情Package

愛情來的時候2 之 吳若希的愛情Package

《愛情來的時候2》德國篇 5月28日 TVB Anywhere 獨家點播

[myTV SUPER獨家優先點播] 愛情來的時候2台灣篇預告

[myTV SUPER獨家優先點播] 愛情來的時候2台灣篇 幕後特輯

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