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Monday, March 28, 2016

Tavia Yeung Not in a Hurry to Have a Baby: Not Used to Being Called 'Mrs. Law'


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Tavia Yeung, Roger Kwok, Rebecca Zhu, Helena Law, etc. attended a promotional event for the new series "The Last Healer in Forbidden City". Newlywed Tavia became the topic. Roger, who plays an imperial physician in the series, took her pulse on the spot, laughingly saying that there was a pulse-beat indicating pregnancy. He also laughingly said, "In the series, Tavia obviously really wanted to become my wife. Don't know why she suddenly became someone else's wife". Helena, who plays Empress Dowager Cixi, suddenly said, "It seems that someone eloped to England". Afterward, Helena gave a baby doll and wished for Tavia to have consecutive babies. Tavia initially felt embarrassed, but later graciously received all the blessings.

Explains About Not Wearing Wedding Rings

When everyone congratulated 'Mrs. Law', Tavia expressed, "Thanks, everyone. I am 'Yeung Yi'. (Law Yeung Yi?) His surname and my name, but really not used to it. Many colleagues congratulated me, but the matters of handing out cookies and holding a wedding banquet have not been done. Will definitely follow the tradition in having a ceremony. (Holding a wedding banquet at the end of the year?) Yes. Because it is already April now, don't want to be too hasty. This is the most important moment in life; cannot be done carelessly. Regarding netizens being curious about the two not wearing wedding rings, Tavia explained, "We have wedding rings. It's just that Him [Law] feels that the female has such a big diamond, and usually, there are no opportunities to wear it, so [he] wants to put the focus on the ring. However, the wedding ring may not be worn as much because it is not convenient due to work reasons, and I am also an absent-minded person who would lose it easily".

Holding a Wedding Banquet at the End of the Year, Mom Is Satisfied with Him Law

Tavia expressed that her mom is very satisfied with her son-in-law, and is extremely at ease; living together in the future is also not a problem. She said, "Did not say much. My mom is very reserved...just told him that taking care of her daughter is already enough. I want to go buy groceries with my mom and learn how to cook; it is the time to learn a bit". Regarding Him's father's cool appearance becoming the focus, Tavia laughingly said that it is a good thing. Her father-in-law said that he is used to seeing rough seas, so there is no need to wear a mask to avoid cameras. Has she been rushed to have children? Tavia said, "No. Children are heavenly gifts; will not be in a hurry. Just started another kick-off ceremony in life; hope that it will be even more exciting in the future. As for the matter of having children, will let nature take its course".

Hints at Not Renewing Contract with TVB

Tavia expressed that, after getting married, she will still continue to work. Regarding her contract with TVB expiring in April, although she had not expressed whether she would be renewing her contract, she expressed in an interview: "Still not finalized. Regardless of whether I would be working in TVB, my heart is still here. This industry is very small. There would definitely be the day of collaborating again, so not worried. We have gotten along for such a long period of time; there is a consensus".

Roger Kwok Shares Tips on Having Children

Roger described Tavia as having 'bliss' written on her face, congratulating her on entering another stage in life. He said, "I also secretly got married. She hid it very cleverly. Wish for Mr. and Mrs. Law to have hundreds of children and thousands of grandchildren. (Share tips on having children?) Can share a bit. It was having a daughter from eating more meat, and having a son from eating more vegetables...don't know if it's true". Regarding the series resurrecting from being in the 'frozen' list, Roger said that it was never said that it would definitely not broadcast. Back then, it was filmed at the same time as "Over Run Over"; now broadcasting together, so it is considered a normal time. Regarding the 'frozen' news, treat it as promotion for the series.

Linda Chung Gives Blessing to Good Friend

On Weibo, Linda Chung was very happy that good friend Tavia has joined the wives' club: "Yi Yi and Him Him!!! Have waited for your good news for a while...really very happy for you guys. Still remember when filming 'Heart of Greed', we would talk about who would get married first, when [we] would get married, how many kids [we] wanted to have, etc. Now, we are both wives. Wish for you guys to be blissful and happy and to be together forever, regardless of wind or rain". Fala Chen left a message with a sigh, accompanied with a crying emoji: "You are also married. Whom else can I take as my wife?"

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