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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tavia Yeung and Him Law Get Married


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Him Law Kisses Wife Twice on the Forehead, Tavia Yeung Shows Off Ring: Waist Is 22 Inches, Not Pregnant

Tavia Yeung and Him Law, who have dated for four years, have been revealed by the media to have gotten secretly married, as they registered for marriage at Leeds Castle in England on March 22nd. The newlyweds returned to Hong Kong from England, with over 50 media waiting for them. When it was past 3pm, the married couple appeared at the airport hand-in-hand. Tavia had a ring on her ring finger, but the two were not seen wearing wedding rings. Tavia's elder sister, Griselda Yeung, and her husband followed behind, and even helped Him push the luggage.

The Moment Him Law Proposed, Tavia Yeung Moved to Tears

Tavia and Him accepted an interview. They admitted that they completed a registration ceremony and took wedding pictures in England. Him said, "Actually, it was mainly a trip to let the parents meet and to give my wife a beautiful and sweet memory". Tavia frankly said that she is still not used to being called 'Mrs. Law', and even turned her head in an embarrassed manner, telling everyone to not call her that. Regarding the proposal, they were tight-lipped, only willing to reveal that the proposal happened this year, and Tavia was moved to tears. How many carats was the ring? Tavia said, "I don't know. How many carats is not important; the most important is that there is heart".

Castle Wedding, Let Wife Marry Like a Princess

Him frankly said that they will later prepare for a wedding banquet in Hong Kong, but the actual date and location have not been finalized, and there are no plans to hold a wedding banquet in the village. Regarding the plans and the process for the castle wedding in England, Him said, "There were components of luck. Previously chose a few locations. Due to the coordination of time and weather, chose this castle in the end, which was unexpectedly lucky to let us hold a wedding there. England is filled with a classical air, and the most important is the hope to let my wife marry like a princess". Regarding the alleged $160,000 to rent the castle, Him said, "Money is not important; the most important is that my wife is happy". Tavia could not help but say with a sweet smile, "Thank you!" Regarding ex Theresa Fu sending her blessings, Him said with slight smile, "Thank you".

'Following Me Only on IG' Surpasses Love Declaration

Tavia hid the truth from all her family members. She said, "Did not deliberately invite; it was only 'those who want (to be caught) will get on the hook (voluntarily)'. Before the trip, did not say the purpose. Hoped to maintain secrecy. They only knew that we were holding a wedding after arriving there. (Your elder sister revealed your whereabouts?) Would not be mad; also a happy matter...not some reveal. Actually originally planned to tell everyone after returning to Hong Kong; it's just that it was slightly earlier than expected. (Are you pregnant?) No. How could it be so fast? My waist is 22 inches right now. As for having children, will let nature take its course, and leave it to fate". Would she take the advantage of not being too advanced in age to hurry and have a baby? Tavia, who is five years older than Him, rebutted, "Am I very advanced in age? I am still okay!" Him said that his wife is not in a hurry, so he would also not be in a hurry. What 'love declarations' were there? Him laughingly said that he spoke in English at the time; the entire process was full of mistakes. Tavia answered, "No need. You following me only on IG is enough. Actually, if you guys did not report it, I would not have known about this matter".

Certain About Holding a Wedding Banquet This Year, Not Certain About Contract Renewal

There were reports saying that the two respectively hid the truth about getting married from their companies. Him's company sent someone to pick him up at the airport, but TVB management was nowhere to be seen. Him expressed that, at the beginning of the year, he already mentioned to his boss that he had plans to get married this year. Regarding rumours of leaving the company, Tavia said, "The company has never opposed to any artistes getting married, so the matter of being worried about having to explain does not exist. All in all, it is a happy matter. Before seeing the media, I also did not dare to respond to any text messages, hoping to explain the matter all at once. (Contract with TVB has finished?) Still discussing. I can only say that I am very certain about holding a wedding banquet this year". She expressed that she has always maintained secrecy. No one in the industry knew; however, since they have dated for many years, believe that getting married is not some shocking matter. Tavia admitted that the two are already living together. After getting married, want to have a new environment to build their family, but Tavia insists on living with her mom.

Shows Off Another Wedding Picture: 'Thank You for Leading Me by Holding My Hand from Now On'

Afterward, the two left hand-in-hand. Upon the request of reporters, Him lightly kissed Tavia twice on the forehead. Their ride directly drove them to their Tseung Kwan O home. Tavia also posted a wedding picture on Weibo, saying, "Will be entering another stage in life. Thank you for leading me by holding my hand from now on. @himlaw Thanks to everyone's blessings for us". Him forwarded his wife's picture, saying, "Law Yeung Yi, thanks for your love".

*Credits to TVBUSAofficial, LovingTBB, taviayeung.com, 香港無線TVB8, mingpao, stheadline, headlinepopnews, singpao, moreforms, gztv, orientalsunday, on.cc, and bastillepost

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