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- "Apple-Colada" Theme Song MV
- "The Protector" FILMART 2018 Trailer
- "Flying Tiger" Theme Song MV, Sub Song MV & FILMART 2018 Trailer
- "Another Era" iQIYI Trailer
- FILMART 2018
- "Threesome" Week 4: averaged 19.5 points.
- "Apple-Colada" Week 1: averaged 26.6 points, peaked at 28.1 points.
- "Birth of a Hero" Week 1: averaged 23.4 points.
- "Deep in the Realm of Conscience" Tencent Trailer
- "The Stunt" FILMART 2018 Trailer

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clips 1-4, TVB Europe Trailer & TVBI Trailer

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clip 1

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clip 2

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clip 3

"Over Run Over" Promotional Clip 4

"Over Run Over" TVB Europe Trailer

"Over Run Over" TVBI Trailer

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*Credits to tvb, reiakiryu, and 狂愛TVB

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