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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kenneth Ma @ 《1圈圈》



Kenneth Ma Has No Expectations for 'TV King': Hopes to Go Up North to Make RMB

Artiste Kenneth Ma accepted a radio station interview. When asked whether he, who has been in the industry for 15 or 16 years, had any expectations toward receiving 'TV King', he expressed, "Don't really have expectations. I am a person who feels at ease under all circumstances...do not insist on it". He also said that he wants to go up north to film series because of being able to collaborate with even more directors and actors, and the fee is also compelling. He, who is filial, also revealed that he is currently still living with his family.

In terms of his love life, Kenneth said, "Look for one first. However, now, it is not only reporters who are incredible; everyone has a camera, so it is also very difficult to go out on a date...very easy to get photographed". When asked which female star he has collaborated with before matched with him the most, he expressed that it was Tavia Yeung: "We think very similarly. Some people are naturally very matching when doing things. (When choosing a girlfriend, do you also want to find someone bright and clear like Tavia?) I also like bright and clear, and also slightly coquettish, but not too coquettish. The best would be to be slightly independent".

Kenneth Ma Not Used to Being Called 'BB': Very Weird!

Artiste Kenneth Ma accepted a radio station interview earlier. When the host asked him about his thoughts on having the nickname 'Ma Ming BB', he frankly said that it felt awkward: "Okay for girls to be called 'BB', but it is very weird for a big guy like me to be called 'BB'! (Not used to it yet?) Not yet". When mentioning his role in the new series "Noblesse Oblige", he expressed that it is similar to his role in "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain", so it was rather troublesome: "Their basic personality is very similar, so had to find some of his differences. On the contrary, portraying extreme characters is easier. To make the character's personality clearer, he even took the initiative to add some details: "My character has many ideas, and is also the son of the third wife. He is very afraid of Dad not admitting to having him as a son, so he always holds a fan that has his surname, 'To', on it. I was the one who said that the fan should be added".

"Noblesse Oblige" Episode 9

"Noblesse Oblige" Episode 10

"Noblesse Oblige" Episode 11

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