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Thursday, October 30, 2014

《東坡家事》 "With or Without You" Blessing Ceremony



Date: October 30, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《東坡家事》
Pinyin title: Dung Boh Ga Si
Temporary English title: "With or Without You"
Producer: Wong Wai Sing

Attending Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Joey Meng, Jacqueline Wong, Harriet Yeung, Becky Lee, Pal Sinn, Leanne Li, Alice Chan, Vincent Wong, Joel Chan, Glen Lee, Mary Hon, So Yan Chi, Helen Ng, Chan Wing Chun, Chun Wong, Lee Ka Sing, Jimmy Au, Albert Lo, Wong Yi Kam, Lydia Law, Ice Chow, Ivana Wong, Bob Cheung, Eddie Ho, Chu Fei Fei, Au Oi Ling, Ivan Yau, Joan Lee, Matthew Chu, Edgar Lam, Lily Li, Yung Tin Yau, and Joseph Yeung.

Time: 13:00
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room

"Scoop" Clip

"Extra" Clip

ontv Clip


- 30-episode lighthearted comedy.
- Bobby Au Yeung will play Su Dongpo (蘇東坡).
- Joey Meng will play Wang Runzhi (王閏之). She and Bobby are a bickering pair.
- Jacqueline Wong will play Su Xiaomei (蘇小妹), Bobby's younger sister who has a lively and crude personality. She really wants to get married and likes handsome guys. She and Vincent Wong are a bickering pair.
- Harriet Yeung will play Su Damei (蘇大妹), Bobby's younger sister.
- Vincent will play Chun Shaoyou (秦少遊), a wrestler.
- Joel Chan will play Han Xin (韓信).
- Becky Lee will play a foreign princess.
- Alice Chan will play Liu Yue'e (柳月娥), the lioness of Hedong. She frequently screams at her husband (played by Tyson Chak). She and Joey are bosom buddies.
- Tyson will play Chen Jichang (陳季常), Alice's husband.
- Sire Ma will play Qin Cao (琴操), who has a strong admiration for Bobby. She excels at the zither, Go, calligraphy, and painting. She appears in the latter part of the series.
- Ice Chow will play Chun Hua (春花).

Departing for Mainland @ J2 Clip (011415)

Visit @ myTV Clip (030415)

Visit @ myTV Clip (040615)

Visit @ myTV Clip (042115)

Filming Promotional Clip @ ontv Clip (092515)

Filming Promotional Clip @ Ming Pao Clip (092515)

Filming Promotional Clip @ J2 Clip (092615)

Filming Promotional Clip @ GZTV Clip (092815)

Personal Note: Yay! A Bobby series! :) Happy to see a Bobby and Joey collaboration...looking forward to this comedy! :)

*Credits to 小淚_張家義氣仔, Bo_Bo_eY, mingpao, the-sun, Siu Oi, tvb.com, reiakiryu, gztv, and Weibo

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