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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Virginia Lok Confirms Plans to Film Movie Version of "Line Walker"


TVB executive Virginia Lok, who is responsible for the film department, frankly said that she is in the process of discussing filming a movie version of "Line Walker" with the company: "The reaction is very good. Although the Hong Kong ratings have not come out yet, the click rate on Mainland websites have broken all the records for TVB series. Before, 'Triumph in the Skies II' even filmed a movie version, so we are also discussing it for 'Line Walker'. In terms of the characters, will add movie people to accommodate the market; however, in terms of the theme, due to making it convenient to enter the Mainland market, the 'black cop' theme must be cut".

Allegedly, apart from keeping the sharp undercover cops in the movie, much will be written on scenes before 'Foon Hei Gor' quits the business and becomes a good person.

Personal Note: Louis Koo and Guo Tao are reportedly being courted to join the movie version.

*Credits the-sun

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