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Monday, October 27, 2014

"Come On, Cousin" @ "Big Boys' Club"

Hosts: Bob Lam & Penny Chan

Guests: Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Louis Cheung, Ivana Wong & Lee Lai Ha

Part 1a

Part 1b

Part 2a

Part 2b

"Come On, Cousin" Episode 6

"Come On, Cousin" Episode 7

*Credits to 萬綺雯吧 and 郭晉安吧


  1. can you share and upload Big Boys Club interviewing Overachievers Cast? Thanks!

    1. I have it posted here. http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.ca/2014/11/overachievers-opening-theme-video.html

    2. TQVM ! U r real awesome! Been looking for this so long. I guess your blog is the best! TQTQ! How can I be more supportive? :):)