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Monday, September 8, 2014

Tony Hung Substitutes for Raymond Wong in "Cheung Po Tsai"


J2 Clip


Raymond Wong, who has been diagnosed with Behçet's disease, is currently resting in a hospital; the role in the new series "Cheung Po Tsai" will be substituted by Tony Hung. Tony appeared in TVB City in costume to work, revealing having received executive Catherine Tsang's notification earlier: "I don't have any series...just took a vacation leave to go travelling with a New Zealand friend. (You were chosen?) Actually, the company has many people. Perhaps I have Cheung Po Tsai qualities. The company is also very good...waiting for me to finish advertisement filming before shaving my head. This series is also a grand production. A special effects set has been built on set". Tony said that he is currently working hard on looking at the script...will officially film in the middle of the month. Later, will go with the crew to Hengdian for location filming. He laughingly said, "Already expect to sever ties with all my close relatives during these four months".

Hopes to Create Sparks with Grace Chan

Regarding have many scenes with Grace Chan, Tony frankly said that the seniors have all greatly praised Grace's performance as being not bad...hopes for the both of them to work hard and to create sparks. Regarding having to sacrifice his vacation for the new series, Tony expressed that it did not matter: "I just lost the money for the plane ticket and the hotel, but a challenging role is hard to come by. For me, gained from it". Producer Leung Choi Yuen expressed that he would be paying close attention to the progress of Raymond's recovery, and also greatly praised Tony for being optimistic and professional. When asked whether Tony is the first male lead, Leung Choi Yuen said that this series has three male leads, also including Ruco Chan and Joel Chan. He also said that Tony and Raymond have a slightly different aura, so modifications will be made later; this Cheung Po Tsai will use schemes. He also said that the parts that Raymond already filmed have to re-filmed.

Personal Note: Guessed without hesitation that Tony would be taking over when it was reported that Raymond may be pulling out of the series.

Hope that Raymond gets well soon!

*Credits to the-sun and mingpao

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