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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ada Choi Turns Down Ghost Series for Beliefs


TVB will be filming a ghost genre comedy in November. Producer Tsui Ching Hong originally intended for Moses Chan and Ada Choi to be the male lead and the female lead. Ada also rejected two or three Mainland series to prepare for filming; however, after discussing the script again, she then found out that the new series is a ghost genre. Ada, who is a devout Christian, suddenly pulled out because the genre conflicts with her beliefs. The role will be substituted by Kristal Tin, who was originally portraying another role. During a phone interview, Ada said, "Back then, after filming 'Troublesome Night', haven't filmed any for ten-plus years. (Rejected two or three Mainland series...lost some ten million?) Not unfortunate...will see and film again afterward". As for Kristal, who is a devout Buddhist, said, "Everyone makes different choices. As for me, it doesn't really matter. This time is collaborating with Moses for the first time...greatly anticipating it".

When Moses was asked whether he felt that it was unfortunate to not be able to collaborate with Ada, he said, "No! Ada is my friend. No opportunity this time...hope there is [an opportunity] next time. She is a good partner...treats people well, is also very fun, and is also crazy enough. After 'Beauty at War', haven't collaborated for two or three years. Good friends with her...have a lot of chemistry when working together. Collaborating with Kristal for the first time, so there is a feeling of freshness".

Personal Note: Didn't expect this series to be a ghost genre....

Remember Ada mentioning before that she would not film the ghost genre...TVB should have done its research before approaching her.

*Credits to the-sun

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