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Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Outbound Love" Sub Song 2

In the 22nd episode of "Outbound Love", Hong Yi Kiu's new plugged song is played on the radio.

Full Version

"Guardian's Song" - Kayee Tam

守護者之歌 《單戀雙城》 插曲 - 譚嘉儀

作曲: Eda Wong
填詞: 曰云@Sense
編曲: 甯浩基/黃維一

天灰了 合著眼睛
忘記了彩虹 沒有天晴
黑暗下 無力提防涙水浸沒愛情

*還差半步 (差半步) 我要孤身走進荒蕪
才偶遇你 停在彩色的峽谷
像風吹起 叫我哭泣使我感動
令我又再放鬆 再度期待抱擁

一點哄動 割破黑色的晚空
讓我安心去目送 遺憾中每段起伏
在新一天 愛上今天的美好
共你應該會做到 求能讓愛好好 繼續*

當天我 並沒信心
誰信有可能 遇上他人
當你在 才讓殘存自卑變做勇敢

Repeat (*)

天光了 望著曙光
找到你 掉下痛楚 好好過

FYI: This is Hong Yi Kiu's version of 《差半步》, the sub song of "Outbound Love".

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Personal Note: This rendition sounds nice...actually like Kayee's version more than Ruco's, as Kayee had more emotion. Kayee also sounds a little bit like Ella Koon here. :)

Don't like how the HK broadcast version switched to Ruco singing afterward....

"Outbound Love" Episode 22

*Credits to Kayee Tam


  1. i like elaine's singing here!! it sounds really nice! i actually don't like ruco's version at all hahah sorta sounds like he's wailing/crying hahaha =P

    and yes! i agree, she does sort of sound like ella at certain parts.

  2. Hi hyn5,
    The singing is actually not Elaine`s, even though it does sound like her voice. I searched it up on Youtube, and it`s sang by one of the contestants of the Voice, Kayee Tam. (:
    Here`s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDgy0VTLM2Q

    1. To stargirl:

      Thanks for the notification.

  3. i really like kayee's singing...she has a good voice