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Friday, February 14, 2014

Maggie Cheung Gets Interrogated by Elena Kong


ontv Clip

Letv Clip

Artistes Maggie Cheung and Elena Kong both appeared in Hung Hom to support Mimi Lo's musical. When it was discussed that Maggie has been constantly posting mountain walking pictures recently, Elena immediately interrogated her: "Who helped you take those mountain jogging pictures?" Maggie explained that the photographer was a colleague who was also mountain walking, and all of them are younger than she is. In the end, Elena successfully made Maggie reveal that she accepts an older woman and younger man relationship. When asked whether there was a potential partner of the mountain walking friends, Maggie said, "I don't like handsome guys. (Accept an older woman and younger man relationship?) Also okay. As long as we are rather spiritually close and are compatible". Maggie admitted that there was love brewing: "Wait for him to mountain walk with me first. I can wait!"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Funny how Elena was taking selfies in the middle of answering a question! :P

*Credits to the-sun and letv

1 comment:

  1. LOL elena is so funny!! hahah love how she said older woman-younger man relationship is very "in" right now and then blurted out bosco's name hahahahah