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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kenneth Ma Not Afraid of Rumours Causing No Fate in Real Romance


Letv Clip



Kenneth Ma attended a new year event in the afternoon. He hopes to improve his luck in love: "For people in the entertainment industry, it is relations with people. Certainly hope to have more viewers support me. (Love?) Leave it to fate. I never insist on it. (Met a good girl?) Actually, met a lot who are very good, but just not that thing yet. TVB has a lot of good girls. Would say that she is good for whomever you ask". When asked whether if any were his type, he frankly said that he has not had much time to gain an understanding. In addition, he is not someone who falls in love at first.

He, who has been labelled 'Hot Property', laughingly said that TVB has many 'Female Hot Properties'. When asked whether Charmaine Sheh, who has been rumoured with him, was 'Hot Property', Kenneth said, "Of course, Charmaine is! She is very professional. Very busy during those days that she filmed...did not have much time to gain an understanding. Hope to be able to film more". He frankly said that he hopes to collaborate with even more female artistes: "Cannot film with only one or two...also afraid of viewers finding it boring. (Find Tavia Yeung boring?) No, just afraid of viewers getting tired of it. I always film with Tavia and Selena Li. (Whom do you want to film with?) Haven't filmed with Linda Chung or Eliza Sam yet. All in all, want to try filming with anyone I haven't filmed with yet. When filming series, have to give viewers a fresh feeling once in a while". When mentioning Tracy Chu, who was previously rumoured with him, would he be afraid of having rumours again if they were to collaborate again? He said, "Can be written about regardless of whom you film with. Have never been afraid of rumours. (Afraid of rumours affecting fate in real romance?) I have never considered this before. (The rumours are real?) If they were real, wouldn't be able deceive you! I would also not not collaborate with people just because there were rumours. I welcome every female artiste".

Personal Note: Don't know how many times I have mentioned wanting Ma Ming and Linda to collaborate....

*Credits to the-sun, letv, and gztv

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