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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Charmaine Sheh Reveals Being Pursued by Kenneth Ma



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Artiste Charmaine Sheh attended a launching ceremony for GOTV. Charmaine, who has not returned to film series for TVB for two years, said that she hopes to re-watch her past series, such as "Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999" and "Time Off", laughingly saying that it should be quite funny to hear her 'chicken voice' back then again. When asked about allegedly 'flirtatiously courting' Kenneth Ma when going to Singapore to film a series for TVB, Charmaine laughingly said, "Don't be so bad. It is him who is courting me. Don't say 'court'...should be 'pursue'. (Kenneth said that his level is not enough to add intimate scenes!) He is too humble. His level is also high. Our collaboration also has sparks".

Kenneth is said to be the city's 'hot property'. After hearing this, Charmaine said that she is also 'hot property': "I am also 'hot property'! (Kenneth is a 'god'!) He is quite professional and gentlemanly. (Have you gotten a deeper understanding of him?) That serious? Haven't had the time yet". Charmaine will also collaborate with former rumoured boyfriend Raymond Lam in a series. When asked whether awkwardness could be avoided because he has a girlfriend, Charmaine said that she is able to immerse into character. She, who injured her neck earlier, said that her condition has improved: "Already not numb for 24 hours. Although the new series also has big movements, the company has also arranged a body double, but would also try my best to do it myself".

When asked whether GOTV was prepared to go against Ricky Wong's HKTV, Charmaine said that it is a fair competition: "Believe that it is a fair competition. (Do you plan on watching Mr. Wong's programmes?) I also have many programmes on GOTV that I have prepared to slowly watch. If there is time, then would try others".

Kenneth Ma Says That Charmaine Sheh Is 80 Percent Ideal Partner

Artiste Kenneth Ma attended a launching ceremony for GOTV. When asked about Charmaine Sheh saying that he courted her in their new series, Kenneth laughingly said that everyone is giving him face: "Certainly! She is so good! (How did you court her?) Haven't made any moves. (Charmaine said that your qualifications are very good!) She is also 80 percent of my ideal partner. The 20 percent is that my career is not as good as hers...don't want to have too great of a distance. (Is GOTV being used to go against Ricky Wong?) The nature of both is different".

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ron talking about being a soldier back in the day! :P

Myolie's first series should be "Colourful Life".

*Credits to the-sun, tavia.org, letv, youku, gztv, and tvb.com


  1. sheh and ma, so match. love them so much!

  2. O_o hah this is serious? A tiny bit unexpected. Wish them all the best though!