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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kenneth Ma Complains About Tavia Yeung Being All Talk


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Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, and Benjamin Yuen attended a countdown event to say goodbye to the Year of the Snake and to welcome the Year of the Horse. On stage, Tavia revealed that her mother makes New Year cakes as gifts to give to friends. The MC immediately played a prank on her: "Is it to give to Him?" Afterward, the couplet 'Muscular Guy Him Him, Favourite Is Tavia Yeung' was built. Tavia, who was embarrassed, used her body to cover the couplet, but Kenneth played dumb, as he read it out again. During the group picture, the playful Kenneth took a step back, thereby creating a picture with the two.

Kenneth revealed that he is able to rest on the first day to the third day of the New Year; afterward, he has to continue to work. He highly praised the company for really being able to have 80 percent of the script before filming; thus, there is even more time to prepare.

When asked whether he was afraid of being rushed to date by friends and relatives when giving New Year greetings, Kenneth laughingly said, "Cannot be worried. ('Hot Property' can't even choose one?) Well, you have to ask the females. The name 'Hot Property' was given to me by the media. I believe that every girl has her own 'Hot Property' in her heart". Kenneth is leaving love matters to fate. Although there are many friends, such as Tavia and Tsui Wing, who said that they would introduce some girls to him, there has not been any real action taken. Kenneth laughingly said, "I'm fine with making another friend. It's not like you must get married once you meet someone...it would not be awkward for me!"

Personal Note: Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Year of the Horse!

Ha ha.... Ma Ming's reaction when a reporter tells him that he actually has to look in order to have a girlfriend: "I have been looking! How do you know I haven't been looking?" :P

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, and gztv

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