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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Zoie Tam Covers Japanese Song to Profess Love to 'Tai Sui Gor'


Artiste Zoie Tam has been noticed for her portrayal as Japanese spy 'Tin Kiu' in the TVB series "The Learning Curve of a Warlord". Earlier, the broadcast of her confession of her true feelings before her death even created some noise. Zoie, who debuted as a singer, even covered Marina Araki's 《小雨と君》 to express her true feelings, with her love for 'Tai Sui Gor' (played by Dicky Cheung) being told through song. Under the encouragement and support of singing teacher Leo Tsang, Zoie stepped into a recording studio again after 19 years, partnering the Singing Square team in recording a Japanese song together to provide consolation for the pain from love: "I think that it is a slight pity for 'Tin Kiu' to have left like this, so [I] have expressed the words in her heart through this song and have sung her love for 'Tai Sui Gor' for everyone. Remember that, over a year ago, when I was filming this series, heard this song by chance. After looking closely at the lyrics, felt that the meaning within could fully express my love for 'Tai Sui Gor'...extremely precise. Made me want to really want to sing it to express the feelings of [my] character in the series".

*Credits to on.cc and zoietam1010

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