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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Nancy Wu Reunites with Leo Ku After 14 Years


"Extra" Clip

Ming Pao Clip

am730 Clip

Singer Leo Ku's MV for the new song 《亂世情侶》 released on the 8th. This time, former partner Nancy Wu was found to be the MV's female lead. The last time that the two collaborated was already 14 years ago. At the time, Nancy acted as the female lead for the MV of Leo's 《愛與誠》. Speaking of the past, they both highly praised each other for not changing at all. Leo said to Nancy, "A really special feeling. We were chatting before, and we both said that so many years have passed in the blink of an eye. Thus, to be able invite you to film my MV again, I am extremely happy. Her series filming schedule is really busy...has not been the female lead in an MV for someone in a long time. Thus, here, I have to specially thank her. A lot of people's so-called 'flashbacks'...I think that us shooting an MV again is it".

The MV talks about a couple that is saving money for wedding plans. Each is respectively busy with work, causing troubles in their love life. The woman goes to the office and is frequently OT-ing; the man is a warehouse clerk who works the overnight shift. It seems as though they are planning for the future together but have actually forgotten the person beside them. In the end, Leo realizes this and runs to Nancy's company to find her...a touching ending. Leo said, "Planned for the future but forgot the present. Forgot the original meaning of the two coming together; thus, this song plus this story is a story that is greatly emotionally stirring in love". Nancy also said, "There is this situation not only in the office. Actually, also like this in the industry that we work in. No days and nights. Many important moments or, perhaps what the song says, that most important kind of relationship between people; in the process, the tight-knit feeling is lacking".

Filming in the office even brought back Nancy's memories from before she entered the industry: "I was a secretary for two years before entering the industry". Filming the MV this time is her 'comeback' project: "Haven't acted after completing a play last May! Thus, today is my first day of work...ha ha. Before, I also felt that it was time to pick it up again".

Leo even personally directed the MV. Every time a shot was done, he would watch the playback. Nancy said, "When [I] was listening to him talk in the car this morning, I already had a picture. Very moved. Perhaps it is because I have gotten older or perhaps had more experiences, would be really affected by these matters". Leo also did not forget to praise her first-rate acting skills: "There were many scenes that Nancy did in one take, and there were a few parts that I became teary-eyed while watching".


"Love in Troubled Times" - Leo Ku

亂世情侶 - 古巨基

作曲/編曲/監製: 陳輝陽
填詞: 林夕

為愛下去 過下去 我們才想工作萬歲
那代價不過是疲累 在電影院的美夢裡
平常極奢侈的樂趣 抱著你一夜閒談

快樂趁青春去追 樂極偏會心虛
這麼普通的情侶 未來又怎麼敢想下去
但求學會 吃苦的樂趣

*當你 仍然信我 愛情 沒有輓歌
未相信情懷輸給世道 仍在亂世中開花結果

不理 誰能夜夜笙歌
別管 世界艱辛的錯
如果 這一生只要找得到
誰陪我每餐青菜淡飯 有哪關闖不過*

在這亂世愛定你已是人生僅有大志 就這麼一輩子
浪漫的講聲我願意 一起要預了挨世界不易
樂業安居早已 已令送花是重大樂事
但更要感激這測試 明瞭相戀的意義
牽手須要心懷壯志 成就了愛侶變烈士

Repeat *

得你仍然信我 可會 像在浮沙掙扎過

Behind the Scenes

*Credits to on.cc, TVBUSAofficial, mingpao, am730, and Leo Ku 古巨基

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