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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Priscilla Wong Joining "A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch" Sequel?


ontv Clip

Couple Becoming Father and Daughter

"A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch" has aired for three weeks and has been receiving rave reviews. Allegedly, there is a big chance for TVB to film a sequel, continuing to travel through time, but changing it going from the modern times to the ancient times. Producer Marco Law admitted to having this plan: "Now seriously considering it. The initial idea for the sequel is about the three male officials returning to the Ming Dynasty; are they used to it? Because of the tempo-spatial crisscross, has their history been rewritten? In addition, the three fools will also bring along 'Big Miss' Kristal Tin and 'Second Miss' Rebecca Zhu; when the two females return to the ancient times, will they be used to it? Really a lot of room for execution!" To the strengthen the sequel's freshness, Marco revealed that he is currently designing a future robot character from year 2030, a future Aphrodite incarnate who returns to the Ming Dynasty with the three fools, with the intention of Priscilla Wong taking on this role. However, Priscilla, who is Edwin Siu's girlfriend, does not have the 'permission to romance' in the sequel, playing father and daughter instead. Marco said, "A couple romancing each other in the series may not necessarily be enjoyable to watch. I may write her as Edwin's daughter or Raymond Cho's daughter".

Asking the Producer for Work

Priscilla, who has been handpicked to be the person from the future, frankly said that she has not received the news, but wants to go against tradition by having romance scenes with Raymond: "That funny? Is it real? If it is, would certainly find it fun! This series is very enjoyable to watch. Also, I heard that the process of filming this series was very happy. (Your boyfriend said before that he does not want you and Raymond to have kiss scenes?) Ha ha! Don't know if it is real or not. Consider it when it's actually true! I hope to have romance scenes with Raymond the most!" Upon knowing that a sequel would be filmed, Edwin expressed being excited: "The series title has male officials (gods), which means that there has to be a goddess! (Filming a sequel?) Marco has finally come up with a story, which is a female robot returning to the Ming Dynasty to find us three Ming Dynasty male officials. This story is very good! Hope that the producer looks for me again!"

Scared of Making Brother Mad? Raymond Cho Does Not Dare to Kiss Priscilla Wong: Would Be Very Awkward

Raymond: "Priscilla joining is a happy matter. Certainly at ease with the producer looking for her to join, but already scared at the thought of being handpicked to have a romantic storyline with me! I would be very awkward...not very comfortable. Afraid of Edwin being petty...don't want him to get mad! In addition, this would be very hard on Edwin. If Priscilla and I were to have intimate scenes, he would also want to stay and watch us! If there is really this arrangement, I really do not dare to accept it! (Actually, the producer has thought about the possibility of you guys playing father and daughter?) This would be much better. Apart from having us play a couple, I am willing to do anything!"

Personal Note: TVB and its gimmicks....

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