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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Linda Chung on "Star Talk"


Part 1

Part 2

J2 Clip (110716)

Baby Daughter's Face Constantly Changing, Linda Chung Reveals Having Maternal Amnesia

Artiste Linda Chung returned to Hong Kong alone earlier to attend a public event to make money, and even accepted a TVB Entertainment News interview. Linda laughingly said that, after she had just given birth to her baby, she had maternal amnesia, frequently getting amnesia, and even laughingly said, "Really gave her all the nutrition!"

When talking about her daughter, Kelly, she said that she feels that her daughter's eyes resembles hers, and the size is really big. Linda said, "Her eye expression and the shape of her eyes really resemble me. The others resemble my husband. Personality also resembles me...very well-behaved!" When asked whether she would continue chasing after a baby, Linda expressed having to look at heaven's will. She said, "If fortunate enough to have a child, then would have another one, but temporarily do not have plans. Now, Kelly is number one. Every day, her face is different, changing so incredibly. Back then, when she cried, she had no tears. Now, there are tears. Back then, she would reveal her gums when she smiled. Now, she does not reveal [her gums]".

J2 Clip (110416)

"Scoop" Clip (110416)

TVB8 Clip

Linda Chung's Flash Return to Hong Kong: Very Happy to Make Six Figures

Linda Chung, Charlene Choi, Fiona Sit, Pakho Chau, etc. attended a fashion brand event. Linda, who gave birth to daughter Kelly in Canada, appeared at a public event for the first time after giving birth, attracting 50 fans and media to turn up.

Linda, who became a mother, wore a black one-piece dress that showed off her long legs, and she still had her ring on. She expressed that, because she has been breastfeeding, she has slimmed down particularly quickly and has been able to return to her slim figure without having the time to exercise. When asked why she had to leave after staying in Hong Kong for less than 48 hours, Linda laughingly said, "Because I have to breastfeed. Previously prepared 26 bottles of milk. If I don't go back, the baby would not have milk to drink". Regarding Linda's fee reaching six figures this time, she frankly admitted that she was satisfied and happy with the fee, and the brand has always been supportive of her, so when they looked for her to attend, she immediately agreed.

Denies Filming "Heart of Greed III"

Is Linda reducing her workload or even not returning to Hong Kong in the future? She said, "Would not, but would not be filming series in the short run because the baby is still little. The fastest would be having to wait for her to be six months old or a year old before considering work that requires a longer amount of time. My daughter is also the priority when accepting work now. For the anniversary gala afterward, also unable to return, but the company also really supports me". She also denied filming "Heart of Greed III". She expressed that coming back this time was the longest time in which she was away from her daughter. Three days feels like a century. "I also miss her now. Did video call her after returning to Hong Kong. She is very well-behaved...did not make a fuss. I, on the other hand, did cry. Also cried a few times on the plane. I am also teary-eyed now".

Personal Note: Linda's daughter's name was actually inspired by the character Kelly Kapowski from "Saved by the Bell"!

*Credits to LovingTBB, on.cc, 香港無線TVB8, and wenweipo

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