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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Partner Does Not Have to Be 'Fresh Meat': Most Important for Joey Meng to Have the Feeling


Ming Pao Clip

Joey Meng and Bobby Au Yeung had an opportunity to collaborate last year; however, because Bobby had a schedule conflict, he pulled out of "Officer Geomancer", but Joey still had to encounter Bobby.

A Match Made in Heaven with Bobby

Joey laughingly said, "Collaborating with Bobby for the first time, very fun to face him every day. Basically feel that we are a match made in heaven. All in all, smiling every day...very happy. He is more easy-going than I thought. Although there is a part of him that is like a kid, in reality, he is quite a big man, and is very gentlemanly. For example, he would pull out your chair for you when eating, and during interviews, he would sit on the side, and the women would sit in the centre, making people feel that he is very manly...very different from his usual grin. I think everything is fate. Previously could not battle in acting because he had a schedule conflict...then really collaborating in 'With or Without You'.

Having Sparks and Mutual Care

Joey laughingly said that, in her eyes, Bobby and Roger Kwok are both kids, but perhaps it is because Roger is already a father, so there is a daddy feeling...looks exactly like the 'Compendium of Materia Medica'. In contrast, Bobby is really a kid...need to pay attention to his words to know whether he is speaking the truth or not. This is the greatest difference between the two of them. Did she ever get deceived? Joey said, "Bobby loves to talk nonsense...appears true but actually wrong, but not to the point of being daring enough to deceive me. Since we are partners, have to take care of one another. If he were to deceive me, see if he has better days!"

Like to collaborate with this level of actors, and do not want to partner with 'fresh meat' actors? Joey said, "Not related. In the series, have a very good relationship with Vincent Wong. Previously, Vincent played my younger brother in 'A Change of Heart'. At that time, already started calling me 'elder sister'. He and Bobby have many scenes. Sometimes, I am not on set; on the next day or two, he would talk to me about the filming situation, and ask me for my opinion. Bobby would also discuss the script with me. We are like a family. Whether the collaboration is happy is not related to age or level. The most important is that everyone cherishes one another, and is very matched in doing something...naturally have that feeling such that there are a lot sparks and the feeling of mutually caring about one another".

Anticipates Partnering Roger Kwok Again

Afterward, will be collaborating with Roger Kwok again on Producer Lam Chi Wah's new series, "Fatal Resurrection", portraying a married couple in the series. Joey does not feel that it is always only the few male partners, saying that Roger is simply the one she has collaborated with more. The "Inbound Troubles" series definitely had to have Roger. Really anticipating seriously collaborating once.

One Series Per Year; Not Accepting, Then Accepting

The storyline of "Fatal Resurrection" is rumoured to rather heavy? Joey said, "The storyline has many twists and turns. We will have a lot of inner conflict, gradually revealing what previously happened to Roger". Like to film laughing or crying series? "Of course, after filming laughing, want to film a serious one. Also want to try other genres. Not regulating myself about what I want to do, as it actually doesn't matter! Temporarily maintaining filming one series per year, but also said this before. In the end, also accepted. This is not related to anyone because there are different reasons, such as a good partner, a good producer, a good role, etc. There is always one thing that captivates you; it's just that I did not think about whether my stamina could handle it at that time. Only knew that it was very strenuous after completing filming. Really could not work in a compact manner, so I had to stop and then come again! (Have you rested enough?) Now, the physical ability is enough".

*Credits to mingpao

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