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Friday, November 6, 2015

"ICAC Investigators 2016" Blessing Ceremony



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Kenneth Ma Denies Having Series to Film Due to Contract Extension

Kenneth Ma, who is rumoured to have been frozen by TVB due to refusing to extend his contract, Ruco Chan, etc. attended a blessing ceremony for "ICAC Investigators 2016". The series also has the old cast of "Come Home Love", including Lai Lok Yi, Max Cheung, Florence Kwok, Joey Law, Angel Chiang, Glen Lee, etc. Miss Hong Kong second runner-up Karmen Kwok is also taking part. Kenneth expressed that the last time he filmed a series was in May or June. Having a series to film this time, is it because he has already been thawed or has extended his contract? He said, "No, I still have a period of time before my contract expires. Have not extended the contract. Only initially discussed the matter of contract renewal. Some colleagues' contracts are ending soon, thus are discussing contract renewal first". Kenneth emphasized that he has not experienced the situation of being summoned to the room and being requested to immediately respond with regards to contract extension, but do not know if others have been summoned to the room. Filming "ICAC" for the first time, Kenneth is happy to be able to collaborate with Director Herman Yau...hope to be able to create sparks and that there are opportunities to film his movies.

Ruco Chan Filming Three Series at the Same Time

Ruco is already filming "Brother's Keeper II" and "A Fist Within Four Walls", and will also be filming "ICAC". He said that he does not have many episodes in "ICAC". In addition, it is filmed in a movie format, so it is rather easy to accommodate in terms of time.

*Credits to 狂愛TVB, hellochinpang, the-sun, mingpao, singpao, youku, gztv, and ICACChannel

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