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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Niki Chow Reveals That Kenneth Ma Teases Girls Everywhere



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East Week Clip

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Yu Le Xing Tian Di Clip


Kenneth Ma and Niki Chow were in TVB City Ancient Street filming a promotional clip for "Rogue Emperor". Kenneth revealed that "Rogue" will be airing on August 3rd. The ratings of "Master of Destiny" are poor. When asked if they were need to save them, Kenneth laughingly said that it was unrelated...just a coincidence. There also has not been a comedy in a while. The previous two series were rather heavy...hope that viewers like it. Regarding "Master" being regarded as a 'plastic drama', Niki laughingly said that they are selling naturalness.

Kenneth frankly admitted that that he frequently teased Niki during filming. Niki immediately revealed that he does not even stop at elder sisters and aunties: "He really has to reflect. Teases everyone. If there is really a girl who is interested in him, others would also feel that it is not special". After hearing this, Kenneth laughingly said that he is quite excessive...must refrain a bit.

Wants to Find a Foreigner to Have a Baby With?

When asked about the state of elder sister Kathy Chow's mixed raced baby boy, Niki said that she has gone to visit every day. The baby's face is changing every day. The progress of her elder sister's recovery is not bad...can almost be discharged. When asked whether it has made her want to have a baby, she said no. Kenneth immediately revealed that she wanted to find a foreigner to have a baby with: "She said that, if her husband were a foreigner, the baby would be prettier". Niki said that she was just joking because she feels that mixed race babies' profiles are more beautiful, and also said that her nephew already knew how to look at her on the day that he was born. Kenneth demonstrated his 'teasing girls skill' on the spot: "Immediately knew how to look at pretty things". Niki laughingly said that she would not let her nephew learn from him.

Update: The broadcast date of "Rogue Emperor" has been delayed (and "The Fixer" has been arranged to air earlier). Instead, "Brick Slaves" will air on August 3rd @ 8:30pm.

*Credits to mingpao, kennethma.org, the-sun, eastweek, youku, yulexingtiandi, and gztv

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