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Friday, July 31, 2015

Bosco Wong and Linda Chung Not Awkward When Kissing


stheadline Clip

Bosco Wong and Linda Chung were filming the new series "Police Dog Brother" in Kowloon City. On that day, the scene was about Bosco starting to have feelings for Linda, but Linda suddenly went missing. When Bosco was planning on heading home after looking all over in vain, he discovers Linda outside his building, using a telescope to steal a glance at him. The two then immediately hug and kiss. The storyline seemed romantic, but when Bosco and Linda were acting it out, it was slightly comical. The storyline was actually about this being the two's first kiss, which may disappoint many fans, as the romantic scene in their hearts has been ruined.

Linda laughingly said that she and Bosco are extremely familiar with each other...can be said to be good brothers or good sisters. Before filming the kiss scene, the two talked in a jovial mood, even discussing the method and posture for the kiss...not awkward at all.

In reality, Bosco and Linda have not collaborated in over three years, but they were at ease when portraying a couple again in "Police". Collaborating again, did they feel that the other has changed? Bosco said, "I think that Linda has a lot of comedic talent...should just film comedies afterward! Can let me film the tragedies!" Linda frankly said that, before filming, she did imagine how he would handle comedy. She said, "Bosco really changed a lot. Before, guessed that he would definitely act it out this way, but the result when filming would be another performance method".

Linda expressed that her character in "Police" this time is quite challenging for her. She said, "The character has an IQ of 135, talks theory for everything, and speaks eloquently and fluently...entirely different from the real me". Bosco immediately interrupted, "Which means that you have a low IQ...only 35?" Linda could not immediately counterattack, so she laughingly said, "All in all, I am not smart!"

Bosco and Linda previously portrayed a couple in "Moonlight Resonance", "The Gem of Life", and "Witness Insecurity", but could not have a happy ending in the series, making viewers feel regret. This time is the fourth collaboration; will viewers be disappointed again? Bosco revealed, "Don't worry! This time is a happy ending! However, the ending is very special. Everyone must keep an eye on it".

*Credits to stheadline


  1. dang that was a long kiss!!! hahaha

    i really hope they get a happy ending this time around!!!

  2. Does anyone know what the background music is called? thanks!