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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Steven Ma Partners Fala Chen: Wants Brother-Sister Love, Not Romance


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Today, Steven Ma and Fala Chen were in Tsuen Wan filming an MV for their duet song, "Platonic Love", but Steven said that this song wants to express the brother-sister love between a guy and a girl: "It's about my heartfelt wishes. I told the producer that I wanted it be a song about our feelings. We filmed four series; we were brother and sister in two of them. She calls me 'elder brother'. Want to talk with an open heart for many things. Does not have to necessarily be a love song for a guy and a girl".

Fala revealed that Steven has many scripts on hand. When Steven told Fala to chip in money to invest, Fala laughingly said, "I don't have money! That's my hard-earned money!" Steven humourously told Fala's manager, Claudie Chung, to invest. In addition, Fala revealed that she will be filming a movie about Cheung Po Tsai with Ronald Cheng soon.

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Personal Note: Looking forward to the MV! :)

*Credits to the-sun, bastillepost, letv, and gztv

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