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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Staying in Hong Kong to Chase After a Baby! Tavia Yeung: 'If There Is Good News, Will Announce It'


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Him Law and wife Tavia Yeung booked a movie theatre in the evening, inviting family members and both of their fans to watch Him's starring film, "The Monkey King 3". Him said that he is rather lazy, so he does not meet up with fans much, so it was a rare opportunity to celebrate with everyone on Valentine's Day. When Him and Tavia were asked about how they would be celebrating Valentine's Day, Tavia laughingly said, "We are very casual; would not celebrate without restraint on special days. Also, have not watched a movie in a long time. Was afraid of getting photographed by others back then; can be more open now. Watching a movie with so many people is really worth savouring. (Did you prepare a gift?) Casual to the point of not having anything at all". Him laughingly said, "Can you pretend and say that there was?)

Regarding the box office of "Monkey 3" already surpassing $100 million RMB after an hour of opening for sale, Him laughingly said, "Should ask what the boss has to show. Hope that the results become even better afterward. Don't leave after the ending credits. Pay attention to the post-credits scene...would be able to see me with a non-blue look".

Regarding Hong Kong's Lunar New Year slot having strong competitors, Him believes that a hundred flowers blooming is the best. With everyone having good results, the entire film industry would also be good. As Tavia's husband filmed labouriously, did she make soup to show her appreciation? She laughingly said, "I did not visit the set. Know that he filmed labouriously. After putting on his makeup, basically could not eat. I mentally supported him. Called him and video called him encourage him, telling him that it would pass quickly and to add oil. (Showed your appreciation to your husband again after he returned to Hong Kong?) Slowly...not in a rush. The days are long".

Him will be going on Lunar New Year holidays after completing the last stop of this movie's promotions; however, if the box office results are good, may go to Mainland and Southeast Asia to thank the moviegoers after the new year. Tavia expressed that the married couple will be staying in Hong Kong to rest, pushing hard again afterward. When asked whether they would be chasing after a baby, Tavia laughingly said, "Both things at the same time. Hope to carry it out under no pressure. If there is good news, will announce it".

*Credits to on.cc, appledaily, stheadline, moreforms, youku, hk01, and gztv

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