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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kenneth Ma Guest Stars in "Line Walker: The Prelude" Finale


Kenneth Ma: "The producer looked for me to guest-star. If 'Line Walker III' films, Victor's younger brother, which is me, getting revenge would be the main underplot". It seems that the scriptwriter has something for the future, using this scene to pave the way for a third installment, and still having an opportunity to continue to 'guess who is an undercover'. However, Kenneth has not heard about him originally being the character 'Lok Siu', but since there is this underplot, he really hopes that the third installment is brought to fruition. The reason is not only being a major villain but also: "Because this series is a collaboration with Tencent, in addition to more people watching, the production fee would also be more, and able to do even more attractive scenes".

*Credits to hk01

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