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Friday, March 10, 2017

"The Exorcist's Meter Spin-Off - Episode I" Blessing Ceremony


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Worried About Jacqueline Wong Having Hidden Suitors, Kenneth Ma Testing the Waters Before Taking Action

Kenneth Ma, Kelly Cheung, Gloria Tang, Derek Wong, etc. went to an old style café to take part in a blessing ceremony for the web drama "The Exorcist's Meter Spin-Off - Episode I". Kelly and Gloria appeared dressed as good and evil demons. Kelly's low-cut outfit was the most eye-catching. Kenneth, who was taken hostage by the two female demons, laughingly said that he had boundless luck with women, and that many males cannot even wish for it.

"The Exorcist's Meter Spin-Off" is the first series broadcasting on TVB's new platform, big big channel, and will be accommodating "The Exorcist's Meter". Every episode is approximately ten minutes, and will be broadcasting ten-plus episodes. Kenneth laughingly said that it was rare to collaborate with two beautiful females, and was also not afraid of 'girlfriend' Jacqueline Wong being jealous. He asked, "Why would she be jealous? Just filming, so would not". Kenneth also took the opportunity to clarify that Jacqueline was spotted buying a men's wallet earlier, but it was not a gift for him. He said, "Everyone, do not misunderstand that it was given to me. Am I supposed to be unhappy? The wallet is not mine. From my memory, she has given me a gift before, but don't remember what it was. I am still waiting for a friend to give me a flat". Regarding Jacqueline complaining about them not having an opportunity to meet up again, why is Kenneth not aggressive? He said, "The new series has begun filming, but we still have not had a chance to be in the same scene. I also have to text her and ask her whether the wallet is a gift for me". Kenneth frankly said that, if there is an opportunity, he would ask her out to dinner again, laughingly saying that he has to figure out the recipient of the wallet and see whether there are other hidden suitors. When asked whether the company has given pressure, he said, "No. The company never asked. Also have to thank everyone for not writing it in an ugly manner".

Kelly Cheung Does Not Mind Being Sexy When Filming Series

Because Cable TV has stopped obtaining funding, its prospects are in doubt. Kenneth believes that there can be changes in terms of the television industry's policies by the government. He said, "Hong Kong's television regulations are too backward. Now, Hollywood even has advertisements. The government should help the industry make money, not hold onto them and not let them develop. Not even doing it when there is a licence...is there a problem?"

Kelly, who was dressed as an evil demon, not only showed off her chest but also wore red contact lenses. She frankly said that, when she usually looks at things, everything becomes red. She said, "Because I am from a world of demons, have to make people commit crimes and turn their lives upside down. If the role requires it, also do not mind being sexy, since it is my second time filming a series". Gloria, who plays a good demon, was covered up. She laughingly said that it was because she is being a good character, but would also be wearing a see-through outfit, as she has to be a pure demon. When she was laughed at for not being as scene-stealing as Kelly, Gloria said that she would be using her acting to make up for it.

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "The Taxorcist Sidequel - Chapter One".

Personal Note: Ma Ming guest-starring for one scene....

*Credits to 大串燒, on.cc, stheadline, eastweek, moreforms, gztv, wenweipo, and 娛樂 007

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