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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Natalie Tong: Father Likes to Watch Kenneth Ma's Series; Tony Hung Not Nervous About Seeing Future Father-in-Law


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Last night, rumoured triangle Natalie Tong, Tony Hung, and Kenneth Ma attended a countdown event. On stage, when Tony was talking about his big plans next year, he hopes that, in 2017, he is able to go to South America or tour Scandinavia, and it is not for work, laughingly saying that he had started planning since he was born, and even hopes to be able invite his girlfriend to travel along. When he heard his girlfriend express that she hopes to travel with her father in 2017, Tony immediately pointed at his 'future father-in-law', who was in the audience, and said, "Where does Uncle want to go? Let's travel together...eat well and sleep well. Can go anywhere". When Natalie was singing, he also suddenly went on stage to give flowers, making her extremely surprised. Afterward, Natalie gave the flowers to her father. The organizer arranged for Tony to make a love declaration with a cherry tomatoes in his mouth.

Wants to Invite Uncle to Go on a Trip

This time is the first time that Tony and Natalie are counting down while working. Tony frankly said that the fee was slightly higher, and also do not have to think about a place to go to for the countdown, laughingly saying that, after the countdown, the two may simply take a walk on the lakeside to celebrate. When asked whether her boyfriend was romantic, Natalie thought and then said, "Also okay. A pass. Always have room for improvement". Regarding the Lunar New Year, Tony expressed that the two should be celebrating together, and would also be going to each other's house to pay a new year visit...also did so last year. After saying this, the two deeply looked at one other. Natalie expressed that her father was on site. Tony arrogantly expressed that he has seen his 'future father-in-law' before, so he is not nervous at all. When asked what was his 'future father-in-law''s impression of him, Tony laughingly said, "Uncle is a person who does not speak much, but is always full of smiles and very benevolent. Very difficult to fathom his inner thoughts. Perhaps he does not like me". Natalie immediately said discouragingly, "My daddy likes to watch Kenneth's series. Said that his series are good and fun to watch. (Tony's series are not good?) Daddy likes rather serious series". Tony immediately expressed that his new series was releasing soon, and also asked whether Uncle likes to watch travel programmes. Invite Uncle to travel together? He frankly said that he also wants to, but difficult to accommodate the time.

Kenneth Ma Has Not Been Rushed to Get Married

When Kenneth was singing, Natalie went on stage to give him flowers, not worried about her boyfriend getting jealous. Kenneth laughingly said that, in the new year, he does not have any special big plans...mainly filming series. Want to film whatever, whether it is series or movies. As for dating, he said that he is making money first. It is very important for guys to have financial ability, and also laughingly said that his mom already has two grandsons, so she would not rush him. He does not have any pressure at all. Do not want a girlfriend to care about you? He expressed, "Many friends care about me. (Have you set a suitable age for marriage for yourself?) Don't know. It will be whenever [I] meet a suitable [person]. Have never made plans about when I would get married and have kids. (Would have a lightning marriage?) Will get married when I meet a suitable [person]. Age is not a problem".

*Credits to mingpao, Hdaetcuo, 香港無線TVB8, on.cc, appledaily, stheadline, eastweek, moreforms, and gztvw

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